Fred & Judy Lambert


RHEMA AUSTRIA & Fred Lambert Ministries


Fred and Judy Lambert have been ministering in Austria since 1994.They are the directors of Rhema Bible College Austria and are pastors of the Freie Christen Gemeinde Wels, a church associated with the Pentecostals of the nation. They have been planting churches as well as growing campuses for Rhema Austria throughout the country.

Austria is a small nation in the heart of Europe with a population of about 8.3 million people. Officially, nearly 70% of the population is Roman Catholic but sadly the majority of them have never heard the gospel. This combined with other historical and cultural factors leads church researchers to estimate that less than 2% of Austria's people are born again. For many years there was a general hardness and resistance to the preaching of the gospel. Through the training of ministers and planting churches, attitudes are changing and there is a growing hunger for the word of God throughout the nation. Today, they are experiencing growth in every way as they stay faithful to God's call.
A prophecy they received years ago declared the next generation would "build bigger, run faster, and accomplish more". Fred & Judy have always had a heart for the young people and today are seeing many who've been trained in the Word fulfilling God's destiny for their lives.

Fred and Judy's vision is to "fill Austria with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory". They are accomplishing this by teaching God's people faith, training men and women for the work of the ministry, planting churches and conducting evangelistic meetings throughout the country and beyond the borders of Austria.


Contact them:

USA Tel.#856-506-0847  Austria Tel.# +43 (0)699 1717 4481
USA Mailing Address: 904 E. Pine St., Millville, NJ 08332
Austria Mailing Address: Fadleiten 21, 4632 Pichl bei Wels, Austria/ Europe

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