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Kim & Pablo Elvir

elvir kim-pabloHONDURAS

Kim Elvir, a 2000 Rhema graduate, moved to Honduras in 2001. She runs Grace Dream Center, which is an assistance program that helps children & youth from at risk and poverty stricken areas in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. They are surrounded day in and day out with poverty and hopelessness, drug abuse, violence and sex trafficking. As a result, they are prone to academic failure, behavioral problems, poor nutrition and ultimately become targets of the gangs recruiting advances. The Dream Center’s purpose is to keep HOPE in Honduras and to awaken dreams of a better future in the children! 

They love visitors, teams, interns and other missionaries who feel called to serve Jesus on the mission field! 

She is pictured with her husband Pablo, and children Jeremy and Megan. 


Visit them at:





Paul & Jessica Gibson

Gibson Jessica



Jessica Gibson graduated from the missions group at Rhema Bible Training Center in 1994. She began serving at her parents' church in Wisconsin until they all moved to Missouri to start Living Word Church in 1997. She served as youth minister and then associate pastor until 2017. Jessica married Paul in 2003 and they now have 3 children.
In January 2018, the family moved to Panama to be associate ministers at Living Water Teaching Panama. They preach, teach, disciple and train up helps ministers. They lead an evangelism team and host short term mission trips. They also assist with other large evangelism projects throughout Central and South America.






Shawn & Tonya Knight



Pastors Shawn and Tonya Knight are graduates of Rhema Bible Training College (1994 and 2004 respectively). They pastored for 10 years in Queens, New York and established Knight Ministries aka Knight Vision Ministries, whose goal is to empower, inspire and equip; releasing people into their full potential.

In December of 2014 the Knights relocated to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (they were missionaries there from1999-2002) and were installed as the senior pastors of Church of God Chapel Frank Sound located on the north side of the island. The congregation is extremely diverse. It is comprised of people from many different countries including Jamaica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, India, Cuba as well as Cayman. Through Knight Vision Ministries they have ministered to youth in both private and government schools, established an in-school mentoring program and have been guest speakers at island wide men's and women's events. They also minister in Cuba and have an open door to minister in India in the near future.

The Knights have established an annual youth event (Youth Empowerment Summit) specifically geared to establishing or re-establishing beliefs in the lives of the islands youth. They believe that this foundation will provide an environment that will empower them to demonstrate outwardly what that is working inwardly. Lives are being impacted and changed forever.

 Shawn and Tonya are the parents of three children. Their youngest resides with them on the mission field.

Stateside Address:                                   Island Address:
4217-19 Vireo Ave                                   P.O. Box 110
Bronx, New York 10470                            Grand Cayman KY1-1600, Cayman Islands

Phones: Stateside: 914-886-3232           Cayman: 345-925-4204








Ronald Walicki



CD Victoria Tamualipas


Ron graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center in 1983 and began traveling to Mexico in 1985. He moved there permanently in 1987 and has actively preaching the Gospel ever since. 

Ron has been instrumental in praying for more than thirty thousand people to be born again, set free from demonic powers, healed from all kinds of sickness and disease and established in the faith. The vision is to share Jesus wherever the Holy Spirit leads and opens door.

Ron Walicki Ministries has established more than thirty-five churches, both in rural areas and in the city, bringing hope and faith through teaching seminars, crusades, church ministry and mentoring pastors and leaders.

Ron still regulary travels to the US to minister at churches and conferences.








Michael Gutierrez




Michael Gutierrez was radically converted on September 11, 2005 through a personal visitation by Jesus Christ. It was from this moment that he knew that God called him to take the gospel to all nations. In 2015 Michael graduated from three years of study at Rhema Bible Training College where he received a diploma from Rhema School of Itinerant Ministry.

Michael has ministered with ENEL ministries in Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica and Peru teaching and preaching in churches and evangelistic outreaches.

Currently he is a missionary based in Guatemala and is involved in the establishment of the new RBTC in Guatemala City. He continues to travel to countries around the world with the vision to inspire, train and empower leaders with the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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