Lana Vasquez

Vasquez LanaTHAILAND

Life Impact International


Lana Vasquez is the Founder of Life Impact International and moved to Thailand and became momma to children in a prevention home when she was just 24 years old. Since 2002, Lana and her team have been working relentlessly with trafficked, exploited and at-risk children in Thailand, Burma and the war-zones and borders in between.

The things that children face in our world today, are exploitations such as trafficking, abuse, abandonment, slavery and prostitution. Lana and her team fight for, protect and are a voice for these vulnerable children. They fight with the belief that if we reach a generation then that generation will change their own nation. Thus Change a Life, Change the World is their fighting motto!

Their strategy is simple; Prevent, Rescue and Heal!

Today Lana and her team reside on the Thailand/Burma Border with 145 children currently in 5 different safe homes in 2 different countries as well as a Promise Land of 25 acres with 17 family style safe homes and a recently acquired 17 acres of a Boy’s Promise Land!

Thousands upon thousands of at-risk children, exploited families and vulnerable poor's lives have been changed through Life Impact USA, Life Impact UK and Life Impact Thailand Foundation with Life Impact Myanmar becoming legalized and Life Impact Brazil launching in 2019.











Amos & Doris Wong

Wong Amos-Doris



Prior to entering the full-time ministry, Rev. Amos Wong was a very successful index trader. At the age of 30, when Rev. Amos was at the peak of his career, God supernaturally called him to attend Rhema Bible Training Center, USA. After graduating from RBTC USA in 1999, Amos and Doris devoted themselves to full-time ministry.

Over the past two decades, Rev. Amos and Doris have traveled and ministered in many countries of the world, including the U.S., Canada, Russia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, Myanmar and China.

Rev. Amos and Doris have also pioneered two churches in Singapore and recently have assumed a Chinese-speaking church near Vancouver, BC, Canada. Rev. Amos also serves as the Director of RHEMA China and Hong Kong, directing the operations and expansion of Bible schools and churches within China.

Rev. Amos and his wife have been happily married for over 20 years and have two adult children.









Joanna Nguyen





Joanna graduated from Rhema USA's World Missions program in 2002. She has been traveling to share the gospel in rural,and remote areas of Nepal since 2014. Her teaching and preaching help strengthen local churches in mountainous regions. Joanna uses Christian movies to open the door to the Gospel. She is instrumental in sending students from villages to Kathmandu, Nepal to Bible School. She has also been helping a local pastor build Sunday school rooms for children.

Joanna, assisted in the opening of a Disabled Training Center to teach basic computer skills for the blind. She is monthly involved with financial support for Educational -Assistance programs for orphans and other needy children year around.

As her next step, Joanna is preparing to study the Nepali language to serve the nationals in Nepal more effectively, and to go to Malaysia where she will have the opportunity to share the Gospel to 700.000 Nepali people who are working in Malaysia.





Jason & Diang Daugherty

jason daughertyINDIA

Jason Daugherty responded to the call of God while he was a systems engineer working at Lockheed Martin.  With an holy ambition in his heart to do a work to the nations, he sought out a Bible school that would be both practical and powerful. He found that in Rhema Bible Training College, and he began to prepare for the call of God. Since 2004 he has been travelling and ministering in various parts of Asia.

His wife Diang is a native to Shillong, India where they have their home, raise their four children and operate their ministry base. Since 2012 they have been involved in the leadership of Rhema Bible Training Center Shillong, and in 2015 they took over the direction and vision of the campus.

Their desire is to train up believers to be skillful in the word of righteousness and move in the power of the Holy Spirit so that they can reap the harvest in their own land. They continue to teach in various Bible schools in India. Recently, the Lord has impressed upon them the importance of establishing strong local churches. Their focus continues to be geared toward raising up strong indigenous leaders in the body of Christ, and helping people find their place and assignment from God. 


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