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  1. Commanding Power (Book)

    The key to doing the works of Jesus is understanding and exercising the commanding power we have in Him. Learn More
  2. Create The World You Want to See (Book)

    How Do You Picture Your World? What kind of world do you want to live in? A world of love? A world of faith? A world of peace? A world of health? A world of abundance? By speaking the Word of God in faith, you can create the world you want to see. There are many factors that try to create our world for us. Physical symptoms try to create a world of sickness and disease. Economic factors try to create a world where there is no prosperity. Sometimes our thoughts hold us captive in a world we do not want to live in. In this powerful, life-changing book, Kenneth W. Hagin encourages us not to stay where we are—not to be satisfied with barely getting by. When we discover the world God desires for us to have, we can begin to speak His Word and think in line with His Word—and then we can create the world we want to see! Learn More
  3. Darrell Huffman-Survive and Thrive in This Age, Wednesday, July 27, 7:30 p.m. (MP3)
  4. Debido a Jesús (Becasue of Jesus - Book)

    Los tres sermones, centrados en Cristo, presentados en este libro dan a los creyentes una magnífica visión de quién es Jesús y de lo que Él compró en la cruz por cada uno de ellos. Learn More
  5. Decisions Determine Destiny (2 CDs)

    In this series, Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin will inspire you to believe God and follow His plan for your life. Learn More
  6. EACS56J

    Be inspired to believe God and follow His plan for your life. You will hear stories of men and women who decided to walk with God and did the impossible. You can do the same!

    Learn More
  7. Defeating The Giants In Your Life (2 CDs)

    In this series, you will learn how to be a giant killer by realizing that Jesus Christ Who dwells in you is bigger than any "giant" you face in life! Learn More
  8. EAS52J

    Are you a giant slayer? This teaching shows you how to become one! Defeat your giants by applying godly principles in your life--learning who you are, growing up spiritually, living without fear, and more--to thwart the devil's attacks. Learn More
  9. CS66J

    Who Is Jesus? Learn More
  10. EAS66J

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