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  1. Faith Food For Winter (Book)

    Meditating on the Word of God in this book will bring peace and comfort to your heart. Learn More
  2. Foundations For Faith (Book)

    This study guide explains why receiving from God is dependent upon the faith of the believer. Learn More
  3. Gifts Of The Holy Spirit (Book)

    The lessons in this valuable study guide closely examine the gifts of the Holy Spirit, their operations, and their practical uses. Learn More
  4. God's Word On Divine Healing (Book)

    This dynamic study guide gives convincing scriptural proof that it is God's will to heal! Learn More
  5. Health Food Devotions (Book)

    Health Food contains Rev. Hagin's teachings on healing from the first year of RHEMA's Prayer and Healing School. Written in a day-by-day devotional format, Health Food will give you a daily dose of God's medicine, His Word. As you read and meditate on God's Word concerning healing, you can experience the joy of a life free from pain and disease, a life of good health! Learn More
  6. Steps To Answered Prayer (Book)

    Steps to Answered Prayer reveals step-by-step guidelines that, when faithfully followed in prayer, assure the believer of an answer. Learn More
  7. The Believer's Authority Curriculum (Books and CDs)

    Do you want to break the power of the devil over your life? It's time to discover your authority in Christ! Learn More
  8. The Believer’s Authority Study Guide (Book)

    Gain practical knowledge of your authority in Christ. It’s time for you to rise up and do the work God intended for you to do! Learn More
  9. The Holy Spirit And His Gifts Study Course (Book)

    Explaining the twofold work in a believer's life, this study course provides a comprehensive study of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. Learn More
  10. The Ministry Gifts (Book)

    This informative study guide discusses in depth the biblical characteristics of the ministry gifts—apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher—and their roles in the Body of Christ. Learn More

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