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  1. Following God's Plan For Your Life (Book)

    In Following God's Plan for Your Life, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin presents profound teaching on how to discover and fulfill the divine destiny God has ordained for your life. Learn More
  2. For Such A Time As This (Book)

    In these last days, prophecies are coming to pass as we watch them on the news. The signs of the times point to the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians, we know we are supposed to pray. But in the face of global upheavals and shifts in power, how do we pray effectively? Learn More
  3. From a Pastor's Heart (Book)

    Written in an easy-to-read manner, this book contains inspiring words from Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. for every season of your life. Learn More
  4. God's Greater Glory (Book)

    This book will inspire members of the Body of Christ to drop personal agendas and seek the face of God for a greater move of His Spirit in our midst than we have ever seen. Learn More
  5. God's Victory Plan (Book)

    God's Victory Plan shows believers how to take their place as partners with God so they can succeed in everything they do. Learn More
  6. BM806

    Just as a GPS navigation system can help us find our way in unfamiliar territory, the Holy Spirit can help us follow the route God has planned for us. In this encouraging book, Lynette Hagin shows us how to find and follow God’s course for our lives. He may take us on the scenic route—past spectacular views, as well as down bumpy back roads. But if we will trust Him, we’ll reach His destination for us with joy! Learn More
  7. Growing Up, Spiritually (Book)

    This book will help Christians locate where they are spiritually and show them how to grow into the next stage of spiritual development. Learn More
  8. He Gave Gifts Unto Men (Book)

    In He Gave Gifts Unto Men, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin takes a scriptural look at the offices of the apostle, prophet, and pastor in the Early Church and their roles in the Body of Christ today. Learn More
  9. Healing Study Guide Plus Study Course Package

    Regular Price: $36.85

    Special Price $27.60

    A Special Savings of 25 Percent! The Healing Study Guide plus Study Course Package discusses many principles of healing found in the Word of God. Offer expires January 31, 2023 Learn More
  10. Health Food Devotions (Book)

    Health Food contains Rev. Hagin's teachings on healing from the first year of RHEMA's Prayer and Healing School. Written in a day-by-day devotional format, Health Food will give you a daily dose of God's medicine, His Word. As you read and meditate on God's Word concerning healing, you can experience the joy of a life free from pain and disease, a life of good health! Learn More

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