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  1. Keys To Better Preaching (Book)

    Rev. John Gorlock brings a balanced approach to the art of preaching, focusing on principles that Jesus Himself used. Learn More
  2. BM966

    In Life After Death, you will find comfort for a grieving heart. Learn More
  3. Making the Most Of Your Meltdowns (Book)

    Sometimes life gets too hot, pushes us too hard, and we have a meltdown. Maybe we’ve done something foolish. Or perhaps circumstances have overwhelmed us for no apparent reason. Learn More
  4. Mastering The Silence (Book)

    Strategies for winning the battles of the mind. Learn More
  5. Positioning Yourself To Receive Healing (Book)

    In this book, Rev. Doug Jones presents key beliefs that one must embrace and act upon in order to be properly positioned to receive healing. Learn More
  6. The Day Of The Lord (Book)

    In his book The Day of the Lord, Brian K. McCallum draws from this scripture and many others to shed light on end-time events. Learn More
  7. The Gatekeepers (Book)

    In this book, you'll learn how Gatekeepers have a special ability to both create wealth and properly distribute it. Learn More
  8. The Missing Ingredient To Success (Book)

    The missing ingredient that most people lack is the fear of the Lord. Learn More
  9. The Traveling Minister's Handbook (Book)

    Whether you are just getting started in itinerant ministry or are a seasoned minister, The Traveling Minister's Handbook is a must-have resource guide for your library. Revised and updated, this comprehensive handbook examines every aspect of the traveling ministry from both practical and spiritual perspectives.

    Learn More
  10. Understanding the Healing Power of God (Book)

    This book presents with simple yet profound clarity the truth concerning this little-talked-about subject: understanding God's healing power. Learn More

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