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Ushering in God’s Glory

Ushering in God's GloryBy Donna Pickens

If we want to see God’s glory manifested in our midst, we must heed and do the Word of God. We must be willing to obey Him. If we want to experience the glory of God in this generation, we must do our part. How do we do that?


Jesus Is the Perfect Gift

Jesus is the Perfect GiftBy Kenneth W. Hagin

Each year at Christmas we see signs of the season—winter symbols such as reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees decking the halls and adorning the malls. But amidst the world’s holiday celebration, we also see signs of Christmas: angels, manger scenes, and wise men worshipping the baby, Jesus.


You Are the Caretaker

You Are the CaretakerBy Kenneth E. Hagin

Satan has no authority—no legal right—to dominate the Christian. Each and every member of the Body of Christ has a perfect right to experience all the blessings of redemption, including healing and deliverance from any Satanic oppression. The Name of Jesus is the key—what will you do with the Name?


The Power of Jesus’ Name

The Power of Jesus' NameThere is power in the name of Jesus! Each week, meditate on one verse daily until the power of Jesus’ Name becomes a reality in your life:



The Name Is the Key!

The Name is the Key!By Kenneth W. Hagin

The Name of Jesus is the key that will set you free. Start walking in the authority that is yours by delegation, and use the Name of Jesus to receive what belongs to you!


Reigning in Life

Reigning in LifeBy Kenneth E. Hagin

Romans 5:17 says, “For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.” If you have made Jesus your Lord and Savior, you have received this abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness that Romans 5:17 talks about. This verse goes on to say that you shall reign by Jesus Christ. Now where are you to reign?


Let’s Think About God

Let's Think About GodBy Kenneth W. Hagin

It has been observed, and correctly so, that the thinking process precedes the thanking process. It’s not until we give thought to something that we can begin to give thanks for it. In other words, we have to think about something before we can put expression to it.


Christ: The Bread of Life

Christ: The Bread of LifeBy Kenneth W. Hagin

For many Christians, Communion has become a church ritual, and they have forgotten the importance and the value of the Lord’s Table. And for many, the bread is simply an afterthought to the cup. But Christ’s blood and body are significant to us. He gave His body for us just as much as He gave His blood!


Celebrate Your Spiritual Freedom

Celebrate Your Spiritual FreedomBy Kenneth W. Hagin

At the Last Supper, Jesus celebrated one freedom and instituted a new freedom. He celebrated the Passover, remembering Israel’s physical deliverance from the bondage of Egypt. And He introduced what we now call “Communion,” a celebration of our spiritual deliverance from the bondage of sin and death.


A New Creature

A New CreatureBy Kenneth E. Hagin

People ask me about methods of studying the Bible. I suggest to believers everywhere I go that they read through the New Testament, primarily the Epistles which are written to the Church, and underline with a red pencil or write down the scriptures that have the expression “in Him,” “in Christ,” or “in Whom,” referring to Jesus.


What It Means to Be 'With God'

SkyBy Kenneth W. Hagin

Luke 18:27 says, “The things which are impossible with men are possible WITH GOD.” We like to hear about man’s possibilities with God, but what exactly does the phrase “with God” mean? “With God” can certainly mean being born again. In the New Birth, He is not only with us but in us. However, there’s more to receiving God’s blessings and experiencing His greater glory.