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Kenneth E. Hagin Healing Article//Kenneth E. Hagin

The Book of Luke records the story of a paralytic man whose four friends tried to bring him before Jesus. However, when they reached the home where Jesus was, the place was so crowded that they couldn't get in. So they carried their friend to the top of the house, broke through the roof, and lowered him in front of Jesus (see Luke 5:17-26).

Now this paralytic man was not, as is commonly supposed, healed through the faith of the men who brought him to Jesus. No, he was healed through his own faith. His healing was the result of his own exercise of bold, obedient faith.


Healing School 101

LS pic2Sickness Can't Keep Us Down!

//Leigh Ann Merrell Soesbee

How important it is for us to realize that receiving our healing is easy—it's simple. Jesus is the Healer, and He took, bore, and carried every sickness and disease so that we wouldn't have to (Isa. 53:4–5; 1 Peter 2:24). It is not the will of God for us to be sick but for us to walk in life and divine health.


Picture Yourself Healed

Picture Yourself HealedBy Kenneth W. Hagin

If you need healing, find and meditate on a Bible passage that tells of someone receiving their healing.


The Christ Cure

The Christ CureBy Kenneth W. Hagin

We have the anointing or power of God. And with that power, we can take what God says in His Word, believe it, act on it, and receive it for ourselves.


Discover What the Word Says

Discover What the Word SaysBy Kenneth W. Hagin

A person can’t receive from God beyond his actual knowledge of God’s Word. So to develop faith for healing, you must discover what the Word says about it.