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Word of Faith Magazine - Online Christian Magazine

October/November 2017


Tap Into the Change Maker!

1 Sept2017 KWH H2HHeart to Heart

// Kenneth W. Hagin

The Holy Spirit has been given to us and lives in us. He is greater, stronger, bigger, mightier, and more powerful than anything we will ever face! He will help us in every situation. We may get in a panic, but He never does. To us, our situation may look impossible. But to God, it's possible.


A Lifestyle of Thanksgiving

2 OctNov2017 KWHarticle// Kenneth W. Hagin

THANKSGIVING was first celebrated as a federal holiday during the Civil War. On October 3, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day of "Thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens."

It's great to live in a nation that has an official day for giving thanks. But the act of thanksgiving was originally God's idea. The following verses in the Book of Psalms makes this clear.


Live the Love

3 OctNov2017 Weinzierl SinglePg// Jerry Weinzierl

SOME MARRIAGES are in desperate situations. No matter what a couple is going through, God can make any mess beautiful. My marriage is proof of that. If He can make mine good, He can do the same for anybody.

God can do anything! But it TAKES TWO PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME WANTING TO SUBMIT TO THE WILL AND WORD OF GOD and to BE WILLING TO DO THE HARD WORK. And that's not common. To make our marriages work, we have to live what the Bible says about love.


How to Influence Your Children

4 OctNov2017 LHarticle// Lynette Hagin

MANY CHRISTIANS have become so wrapped up in their own work and life that they have neglected their highest calling—the spiritual development of their children. Parents have the most powerful influence in a child's life.

That gives those of us who are parents an awesome responsibility to prepare our children for success in life. I would like to give you a few guidelines on how to do that.


Why Am I Angry?

5 OctNov2017 TonyCooke SinglePg// Tony Cooke

WHEN WE consider something to be unfair or unjust, we naturally have an emotional response. When something (or someone) we value is taken from us, or when we feel threatened, something within us reacts. ANGER IS A FORM OF PROTEST. We may say it out loud or merely feel it within ourselves, but something says, "This is not fair!" One of the common emotions felt following the death of a loved one is anger.


Called to Serve

6 OctNov2017 RBTCArticle SinglePgWHILE WATCHING Winter Bible Seminar 2016 via livestream at her church in Iowa, Tiffany Wuertzer heard someone say, "Once Rhema family, always Rhema family." She immediately thought, "I want to be a part of that," and began praying about moving to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to attend Rhema Bible Training College.

As an active reservist with the Iowa National Guard, Tiffany still had commitments with the ING. Although she would have to attend drills in Iowa, it was clear that God was orchestrating her steps to enroll in RBTC.


Praying For Those Who Wrong You

8 OctNov2017 KEHarticle TimelessTeaching// Kenneth E. Hagin

THROUGHOUT THE GOSPELS, Jesus talked about prayer and gave us principles that tell us how we can have an effective prayer life. It's interesting to note that the first statement He made in the Gospels relative to prayer was about praying for our enemies.

Praying for our enemies has a lot to do with walking in the God-kind of love. It also has much to do with whether our prayers are heard and answered.


A Week of Destiny

9 OctNov2017 CampmeetingReviewCampmeeting Review

FROM THE FIRST MOMENTS of energized praise to the last breath of inspired words, hearts and minds were saturated with the Word and Spirit of God at Campmeeting 2017. Those who attended—whether in person or online—were equipped to overcome and went away empowered to be carriers of God's glory and power.

It was a game-changing week for youth at Summer Blitz. They left emboldened to step up and step out in their walk with God. At Rhema Kids, children had fun learning about God with lessons centered around a "taste and see" theme.


Life Is So Short!

10 OctNov2017 LoisMeyer ReportingArticleSPECIAL REPORT

LOIS MEYER was alone. Her husband had passed away. Her daughter was grown and married. Her long career in education had been rewarding, but she yearned for more. With only her miniature dachshund as an audience, Lois sat by the kitchen window talking to God.

Planes passed overhead. Lois watched, her heart full of longing. "Lord, everybody is going somewhere but me. I want to go somewhere! Take me somewhere." And God did—all around the world!


Be Thankful

11 OctNov2017 SeedThoughts// Lynette Hagin

FALL IS A BEAUTIFUL TIME in Oklahoma. The leaves are turning and my thoughts drift to Thanksgiving. So often we seem to only think about what we are thankful for during this holiday. As I was reflecting on this, I was reminded of the psalmist David. He was always giving thanks to God and urging others to do the same. Psalm 106:1 says, "O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever."

I am also reminded of the Apostle Paul. He was constantly thanking God as well as being thankful for others. In spite of the circumstances David and Paul faced, they always praised and thanked God for His blessings. They lived a life of thanksgiving. I believe that we need to take a reality check of our lives. Are we living a life of thankfulness or a life of complaining?