September 2016


Faith Doesn’t Fear

1 Sept2016 KWH H2H// Kenneth W. Hagin

The force of faith—Bible faith—can change our circumstances. Study the lives of great men and women of faith in the Bible. All of them were confronted with problems that had to be overcome. But they faced their problems with a strong belief in God and triumphed over every seemingly insurmountable barrier.

You see, faith is not afraid to face problems, obstacles, and difficulties. It doesn't draw back in fear. Faith presses on to God and wins the victory every single time!

Faith is not afraid to face the perplexities of life either. We've probably all heard


The Waiting Zone

2 Sept2016 LHarticle// Lynette Hagin

HAVE YOU EVER been tempted to try to rush through life—to hurry up so you could get to the "good parts"? I have. But to follow God's plan and fulfill our divine destiny, we have to go through different seasons.

Psalm 1:3 (NIV) tells us that the godly person is "like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season." The key words in that verse are in season. We get so thrilled when we think about the prospect of yielding fruit. But it's easy to get discouraged as we wait for our season of fruitfulness.

Really, waiting is something most of us don't like to do. We've been trained in today's society to expect everything to happen instantly. But God is never in a hurry.


Thoroughly Equipped for God’s Work

4 Sept2016 RBTC SchoolofWorldMissions SinglePgRhema School of World Missions

DO YOU DREAM of reaching hopeless people in the world's dark places with God's life-changing Word? Do you desire to start a church in a foreign country or lead to Christ thousands of youth whose language you don't know? Do you want to take the Gospel to countries where people have never heard the Name of Jesus?

If you find those desires stirring in your heart, Rhema's third-year School of World Missions will help equip and prepare you to fulfill them. For 17 years this rich, hands-on program has trained missionaries to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission: go and make disciples of all nations (Matt. 28:19–20). Hundreds of men and women have been trained to do His work successfully, wherever God calls them.


Let’s be honest.

3 Sept2016 CWH NewBookadLet's be honest.

Life can be messy sometimes. We've all done things that weren't the best. We've all been in some not-so-pretty situations.

Did you ever wish during those times that someone would just be real with you? That someone would just speak the truth to you from his heart—truth that could help you?

That's what Craig W. Hagin is all about. Being real and relevant, and speaking the truth from a heart that cares—really cares. He's not just another cookie-cutter minister. When he shares the Word, it's fresh, practical, and easy to understand. It's exactly what this generation needs to hear.


Our Identity In Christ

5 Sept2016 KWHarticle// Kenneth W. Hagin

ONE OF THE MOST important revelations we can get from the Word of God is to understand who we are in Christ. Identifying with Christ will change the way we live and cause us to rise above adversity. Not understanding our identity in Him will keep us living far below our rights and privileges in Christ.

What does it mean to identify with Christ? It's normal for us to identify with something or someone. It makes us feel connected and gives us a feeling of belonging.

In our everyday lives, we identify with a person, organization, occupation, nationality, or church. We also have an identity in the spirit realm. The scriptures say we have been crucified with Christ (Gal. 2:20). Not only did we die with Him on the cross at Calvary, we also have been raised with Him. We can see this in the following verses.