What Can You Do to Receive From God?

7 Sept2016 KWH NewBookadAre your prayers being answered? Are your dreams becoming a reality? Or is your hope fading because you're not seeing anything change? To receive from God, we have to look at our circumstances the right way. What we focus on will bring us either victory or defeat.

When it looks like nothing is changing, we must remember that our situation is temporary. Everything is subject to change. Whatever God promised us in His Word, we can believe. And when we expect Him to do what He said, He will bring it to pass.

In Expect, Kenneth W. Hagin inspires us to look beyond our circumstances. He encourages us to never give up, whatever our situation. And he explains how we can live in expectant faith. When we expect God to move based on His Word, we are doing our part to receive from Him.

(book, Kenneth W. Hagin)
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