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June/July 2016


Heart To Heart June/July 2016


1 JuneJuly2016 KWH H2HStand and Dream


// Kenneth W. Hagin

God has spoken to every one of us at some time in our life. He's given us dreams, visions, and things to accomplish for Him. I want to inspire you to get a new hold on those dreams. Pull them down from the shelf, dust them off, and get moving!

"But I just don't see how it's possible," you may say. "I know God has spoken to me, but I can't do anything."


Build Strong Faith

2 JuneJuly016 KWHarticle// Kenneth W. Hagin

IF WE WANT to accomplish God's plan for our lives, we must take possession of all that He has provided for us. And we take hold of His provision with the "hand of faith."

Only strong faith will triumph over every circumstance. It is strong faith that takes back what the devil has stolen. And it is strong faith that turns your destiny into reality.

Many earnest Christians ask, "How can I build strong faith?" They realize that the things they need from God—healing, prosperity, and other blessings—do not come simply because they have been born again. These blessings come through faith. They realize that faith is not just an act of the will of man; faith is acting on God's Word.

But many do not know how to secure faith for the things they need from God. In this article, I will give you a formula to build strong faith for whatever you need from Him.


Look What the Lord Has Done!

4 JuneJuly2016 TestimoniesTHERE'S NO DOUBT that God hears us when we pray. Here are some testimonies of answered prayer!
"Here is an update on the PRAYER REQUESTS we've sent on behalf of my wife, Darcy, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. After being in the hospital twice, rehab for four weeks, and five rounds of chemo, she is now cancer free. To God be the glory! We wanted to thank each of you who prayed for her the many times I called! We are so very grateful to you all." // DON


"Our son and his whole team came home safe from Afghanistan. This is the first time in a long while that everyone was safe. Thank you all for your prayers. We are so appreciative and grateful for your letters of SCRIPTURES and ENCOURAGEMENT." // JIM & COLLEEN



Dads & Daughters

3 JuneJuly2016 ReportingArticle BballGirlsDadsAT ONE PARTICULAR GAME during the 2015–2016 Lady Eagles basketball season, a disgruntled fan shouted loudly from the bleachers the whole time. Afterward, some of the Rhema ladies talked about how distracting he was.

One player never heard him. It's not that she never hears what people yell from the sidelines. But as she put it, "When I'm playing a game, the only voice I hear from the bleachers is my dad's."

Another player echoed her comment. "I hear my dad way more than I hear my coach. It's like you have an instinctive ear for your father."

A father's impact on his daughter's life should never be underestimated. His involvement in her life affects how she sees herself, how well she does in school and beyond, and how she forms relationships with other people—especially men.


Keep Your Guard Up

5 JuneJuly2016 LHarticle// Lynette Hagin

IN THE HOUR in which we live, it's more important than ever for us to set a watch against the devil's plots and strategies. Never before have I seen such harassment from the enemy. If we want to accomplish what God has called us to do, we must keep our guard up against Satan at all times.

There's a dramatic story in the Book of Nehemiah that illustrates how the children of Israel set a watch against their enemies while they rebuilt the broken-down walls of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah had rallied the people to begin rebuilding the walls. But some of their enemies heard what they were doing and became furious! They desperately tried to stop the work from going forward—first of all through their words.