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December 2015


Seed Thoughts December 2015

11 Dec2015 LH SeedThoughts// Lynette Hagin
"The Lord will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail."
—Isaiah 58:11 (NIV)

THE YEARS PASS way too fast these days. You know that they are quickly going by when even children comment, "Is it December already?" When I was a child, it seemed that everything except summer lasted an eternity. Our lives have become so busy. You would think that with all of our advanced technology, our lives would be simplified. However, it appears that with so many of our daily tasks now automated, we don't let that make life easier. We simply try to cram more activities into our calendars.


Kindle the Flame 2015: Everything but Average

10 Dec2015 KTFreviewKindle the Flame 2015: Everything but Average
Lynette Hagin's 2015 Kindle the Flame Women's Conference was everything but average. Hundreds of ladies from around the world converged on the Rhema USA campus in September to spend three days investing in themselves and hearing from God. They enjoyed powerful messages, refreshing laughter, and encouraging new friendships.

During every service, the women sang sweet praises to the Lord, and He ministered mightily to their hearts. Each speaker shared a life-changing word. By the end of the conference, the women's inner fires had been stirred to reach their world for Christ.



Whose Word Do You Trust?

9 Dec2015 KWHarticle// Kenneth W. Hagin

NEVER HAS IT BEEN more apparent just how much the Body of Christ needs the anchor of God's Word. We must learn to trust it with our whole hearts.

I believe the day is fast approaching when God's Word will be our sole source, because everything that can be shaken upon the earth will soon be shaken. We need to come to a deeper understanding that God's Word will endure any amount of pressure we put on it.

We usually take people at their word. If our employer told us that we were getting a raise, we might immediately start planning how to spend the extra money!

We react like this in faith when we hear words we trust. Because we believe what we have heard, we act on what was said.

How much more should we believe the Word of the Holy One Who created the universe?


2015: The Vision of Faith Moves Forward

8 Dec2015 YearInReviewThe year just ending has been another remarkable one for Kenneth Hagin Ministries.
Here are highlights of activities and accomplishments in 2015.

Carrying the Message of Faith

Kenneth and Lynette Hagin and the Living Faith Crusade team traveled to 11 CITIES this year to minister the Gospel. At each meeting, the hearts of men and women were touched and changed by God's power and the teaching of His Word. MANY WERE HEALED PHYSICALLY, SET FREE FROM BONDAGE, AND STRENGTHENED IN THEIR FAITH. Others received answers to prayer.

One woman felt impressed by the Lord to get to the Hagins' Living Faith Crusade in Murrieta, California, and traveled for over an hour to attend. She said several of her family members needed healing from alcoholism, diabetes, cancer, and other problems. The Lord let her know that His anointing would be there to begin these healings as she stood in the gap for her family.


Together We Can Do More

7 Dec2015 CWH SinglePg// Craig W. Hagin

MY FAMILY AND I have always been huge auto racing fans. I got my love for racing from my dad. And that love has been passed down to my sons. One of the races we like to watch is the Daytona 500.

Something you always see in a NASCAR race is drafting. That's when the cars speed down the raceway single file, and the trailing cars are within inches of the front car's rear bumper.

When the cars are lined up in this nose-to-tail formation, the front car creates a draft, which acts like a vacuum for the trailing cars. Since the cars are so close, the draft reduces air turbulence. The result: As long as the cars stay in the pack, they'll fly down the speedway faster than they would if each car was in its own lane.

The same thing will happen for Christians when we stay hooked up with God and each other. Take a look at what Jesus said.