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Heart to Heart April 2014

04 Pic 1Faith Always Brings the Answer

//Kenneth W. Hagin

It's easy to make a statement of faith. It's another thing to live it, especially when circumstances start pushing in on us and even our close friends and relatives begin to question us. But if we want to stay fully persuaded, we must not become separated from our faith!


Near the Cross

04 Pic 2//Kenneth W. Hagin

In our modern world, the cross has become little more than an object or a piece of jewelry. But the scene on Golgotha's hill where Jesus Christ was crucified was bloody and gruesome. Once we understand that, it might be hard for us to grasp why anyone would want to witness Jesus' agonizing death. Isaiah 52:14 says His face was so marred He wasn't recognizable. He was so beaten, He hardly looked human.

But Scripture tells us there were a handful of people gathered to witness Jesus' death. They were Mary, Jesus' mother; Jesus' mother's sister; Mary, the wife of Clopas; Mary Magdalene; and John, the disciple Jesus loved (John 19:25–27).


Coming Home

04 Pic 3Kenneth and Lynette Hagin are always encouraging Rhema graduates, partners, and friends to "come home." They know how important it is to sit under the anointing and hear a timely word from the Lord. Campmeeting provides a great opportunity to come home. It's a time to see old friends, hear plenty of good preaching, and allow God to touch your life in ways that only He can.

Bill McNeese, a 1982 Rhema Bible Training College graduate, and his wife, Fredna, can attest to this. After he graduated, Bill worked at Kenneth Hagin Ministries for 10 years. Then in 1992 the Lord called the McNeeses back to their hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, where they pioneered Harvest Family Church. Although Bill and Fredna were now over 700 miles from Broken Arrow, they were determined never to unhook from Rhema.


Run to the World

04 Pic 4//Lynette Hagin

The most important qualification for receiving from God is abiding in Him—giving Him first place.

There's nothing like the Word of God to keep our minds and hearts in peace. During troubled times—when worry and depression try to overtake us—we can always run to God's Word. His Word is our safety in the midst of harm! His Word is our peace.

That's why it's more important today than ever before that we build a strong foundation in God's Word and make His Word a daily part of our lives. Sometimes our schedules are so busy that we think we don't have time to read and meditate on the Word. But we always seem to have time to do the things we want to do!


Success Principles from the Life of Joshua

04 Pic 5// Bill Ray

I'm going to share some principles for success from the life of a man whom God chose and used to lead Israel into the Promised Land. I'm talking about Joshua.

The Bible says that the experiences the Israelites went through are examples for us today (1 Cor. 10:11). Looking at Joshua's life will help us succeed at what God has given us to do.

Keep Your Eyes on the Good Report

The first principle we can learn from Joshua is that to succeed, we're going to have to keep our eyes focused on what God has promised.