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2010 January


Heart to Heart: Step Into the Power!

Heart to HeartBy Kenneth W. Hagin

As we enter 2010, we have an opportunity to step into a greater dimension of God’s power than ever  before. The Holy Spirit did not come into this world empty-handed. He came with all the power of Heaven at His disposal. When Almighty God called us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, He didn’t call us to go empty-handed (Mark 16:15–18). He called us to go with His power and anointing!

We’re living in the midst of a generation that doesn’t know the moving of the Spirit and the operation of His power. God has sent us as beacons of the light of the Gospel to the lost. He has made us carriers of the Living Bread to the hungry. And He has created us as vessels to take His power to the sick, the helpless, and the brokenhearted!


Preaching The Good News In Kenya

Kenya Trip“I have seen a lot of television commercials about the hungry in Africa and feeding the poor,” said Kirk DuBois, an instructor at RHEMA Bible Training Center USA. “I have to say I knew it to be true. But I was never truly impacted until now, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”


Holding The Ropes

Holding OnBeing part of a team— having a base of support—is invaluable to any endeavor. No one can be successful in this life as a lone ranger. We need each other and the support that comes from strong relationships.

William Carey of England knew the value of strong relationships. He knew the importance of having friends who would support him in his endeavors.


Changes Are Coming Your Way

Making ChangesMaking ¢ents

Here at Kenneth Hagin Ministries, we’re always looking for ways to be better stewards of what God has given us—both spiritually and naturally. Here are just some of the things we are doing.


Learning To Hear


Christians can limit their spiritual growth by not doing their part to grow spiritually. For example, when the Holy Spirit prompts them to spend time praying in tongues, they often override that leading and go about their daily lives. They never learn to develop in the scriptural scope of speaking in other tongues as God intends.