2012 April


Seed Thoughts


//Lynette Hagin

I heard this story many years ago: Steve was head over heels in trouble but doing little to help himself. A friend advised, “Steve, you’ve got two hands. Why don’t you do something?” “I am,” Steve replied. “I’m wringing both of them.” That’s humorous, but too often in the midst of  circumstances, we worry and wring our hands instead of adhering to God’s instructions in His Word.


Holding the Ropes

Ropes//Being Part of a Team

Being part of a team—having a base of support—is invaluable to any endeavor. No one can be successful in this life as a lone ranger. We need each other and the support that comes from strong relationships.

William Carey of England knew the value of strong relationships. He knew the importance of having friends who would support him in his endeavors.


The Healer’s in Your House!

Healer in the House//Kenneth W. Hagin

Here the prophet Malachi is looking down through time and describing what he sees. As he gazes into the future, he sees Jesus coming with healing in His hands. He sees Jesus ministering to the sick. He sees Jesus delivering those who are bound!


Praying for Our Nation

Government//Kenneth E. Hagin

Notice that Paul wrote, “first of all.” Too often we put ourselves first in our praying, and sometimes that is as far as we ever get in prayer. In other words, most of the time we are just praying selfishly for ourselves or about our own personal lives and needs.


Never Say 'Never'

Never Say Never// Lynette Hagin

I’ve learned that we must never let the words “I’ll never do that” come out of our mouths.
“I’ll never go back to my hometown.”
“I’ll never be a missionary.”
“I’ll never marry a minister.”
Somehow it seems that our “nevers” often become the very thing God calls us to do!