The Blood Changes Everything!

Blood Changes

//Mark Hankins

I remember the first time I ate wasabi. People warned me, “Watch out for that green stuff.” But I told them, “I’m from Texas! I eat jalapeño peppers. I’m not afraid of wasabi. Give me a bunch of it.”

So I dipped into the bowl and got a double dose of green wasabi and put it in my mouth. When I did, something hit me right in my head and I wanted to call 911. I thought the top of my head was coming off! Wasabi hit the front. Wasabi hit the back. Wasabi!

Let me tell you something. If wasabi can do that to your brain, the Word of God and the blood of Jesus can help you take every thought captive—everything that is tormenting and harassing your mind. The blood can turn any situation around, because the blood changes everything!

In the church I grew up in, they would plead—or apply—the blood of Jesus to every situation. It didn’t matter if you were going to school or going on vacation, facing physical problems or facing financial problems, they’d say, “I plead the blood.” Some people today try to argue that pleading the blood was an Old Testament thing, but look at what Romans 3:25 says: “[Jesus] whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation THROUGH FAITH IN HIS BLOOD. . . .” Faith in Jesus’ blood! That’s synonymous with pleading the blood and that is New Testament!

What’s so important about pleading the blood? Look closely at Romans 3:25. It says that through faith in Jesus’ blood, we have a propitiation. That simply means we have restoration to fellowship with God—restoration to blessing. Andrew Murray said, “To receive this blessing, nothing is necessary except faith in the blood. The blood alone has done everything.”

To receive God’s blessing of redemption—and all His other blessings—nothing is necessary except faith in the blood. I like to say, His blood plus nothing, minus nothing. That means your faith, confidence, and expectation should be in the blood alone. It’s not in what you have or haven’t done, but in the blood.

As you find out what the Scripture teaches about the blood, you will see that faith in the blood can produce greater results in you than you have ever known. And in the future, a ceaseless blessing may be yours. But you must live in constant view of the blood of Jesus to see those results! It’s not enough just to believe in the blood—to have knowledge of it. There must be an application of it.

In the Old Testament, the children of Israel applied blood to the doorposts of their houses in Egypt. God told them, “When I see the blood, I’ll pass over you.” Notice He said, “I’m just looking for the blood.” He didn’t say, “I’m looking for your talent,” “I’m looking to see how educated you are,” or even “I’m looking to see how pretty you are.” God said, “I’m just looking for the blood.” So the Israelites applied the blood and they stayed in their houses—they stayed under that blood. And God brought them forth with silver and gold! There was not one feeble person among their tribes (Exod. 12; Ps. 105:37).

Hallelujah! There are benefits in the blood that you ought to be expecting. It doesn’t matter what’s in your past; the blood of Jesus literally removes your sin—your failure—from God’s mind. If it has that much power, then it has enough power to remove sin consciousness from your memory. There’s not any place that the devil can stain or damage in your life that the blood cannot reach. If sin can reach it, the blood can reach further still.

Live in great expectation of the blessing of God today. You are qualified because of the blood and that blood changes everything! It will change your body, it will change your finances, and it will change your family and your future. Faith in Jesus’ blood will even change your nation.

Don’t let the devil tell you there is something that cannot change. You ought to say, “All right, devil. You’re in trouble now! I just had a revolutionary revelation: I don’t have to be poor anymore. I don’t have to be sick anymore. I don’t have to be guilty, afraid, or ashamed anymore. The blood of Jesus changes everything!”

[Editor’s Note: This article was adapted from Mark Hankins’ Wednesday night message at Campmeeting 2011. Don’t miss any of our awesome speakers this year.]