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Faith That Won't Quit!

2 OctNov2015 KWHarticle//Kenneth W. Hagin

THERE IS A MAN in the Bible who would not give up on his faith in God—even in the face of insurmountable obstacles. Mark chapter 10 gives us an account of Bartimaeus. He was a blind and poor man who sat by the road begging alms. Let's read his amazing story of courage.

MARK 10:46–52 (NLT)
46 Then they reached Jericho, and as Jesus and his disciples left town, a large crowd followed him. A blind beggar named Bartimaeus (son of Timaeus) was sitting beside the road.
47 When Bartimaeus heard that Jesus of Nazareth was nearby, he began to shout, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!"
48 "Be quiet!" many of the people yelled at him. But he only shouted louder, "Son of David, have mercy on me!"
49 When Jesus heard him, he stopped and said, "Tell him to come here." So they called the blind man. "Cheer up," they said. "Come on, he's calling you!"
50 Bartimaeus threw aside his coat, jumped up, and came to Jesus.
51 "What do you want me to do for you?" Jesus asked. "My Rabbi," the blind man said, "I want to see!"
52 And Jesus said to him, "Go, for your faith has healed you." Instantly the man could see, and he followed Jesus down the road.

From the natural standpoint, Bartimaeus had no hope and no future. He was a blind beggar, crying out to others just so he could barely get by in life. The word beggar carries the connotation of a dirty, dusty, unkempt person clothed with worn and tattered garments. The circumstances of life couldn't get much worse than what Bartimaeus probably experienced.

But apparently Bartimaeus had heard about Jesus of Nazareth. We have to surmise about his reaction to learning that Jesus was coming his way. But I can just imagine him asking, "Isn't this the man who's healing all those people? Isn't he the one they call the wonder-worker?"

Once Bartimaeus knew Jesus was coming, he began to shout. He knew what he wanted from God, and his faith would not take no for an answer. In fact, the more the crowd tried to quench his faith, the more Bartimaeus cried out: "But he only shouted louder, 'Son of David, have mercy on me!' " (v. 48).

Bartimaeus let out a loud cry because he wanted to get the Master's attention. His faith would not be denied. Bartimaeus wanted something from God. He wanted to see!

Faith voices its desires to God—it isn't silent and passive. The Bible doesn't say that Bartimaeus just sat down quietly and said to himself, "Well, maybe if I'm quiet and I just sort of 'project' my thoughts to Jesus, He'll come by and touch me and I'll be healed." No, Bartimaeus' faith was not passive. He did not say what we hear so many people in our day saying: "Well, if it's God's will, Jesus will heal me."

No! Strong faith won't quit; it refuses to be silent; it won't be denied, because it knows God will answer from on High.

Bartimaeus cried out even louder, believing that Jesus would hear him: "Jesus!! Son of David!! Have mercy on me!!!" I can imagine the very leaves on the trees were shaken with the power in the Name of Jesus as Bartimaeus cried aloud that Name which is above every name! There's power in Jesus' Name!

Faith receives an answer from God. Jesus called for Bartimaeus to be brought to Him (v. 49). Then the same crowd that was trying to silence Bartimaeus a few minutes before began pushing him forward. Although Bartimaeus' blind eyes couldn't see, he could hear the Master's voice. And when Jesus said, "What do you want Me to do for you?" Bartimaeus responded without a moment's hesitation, "I want to see!" When he heard Jesus' response—"Go, for your faith has healed you"—Bartimaeus began to praise God, because instantly, he could see! He'd had every opportunity to quit. But because he refused to give in to circumstances and obstacles, he followed Jesus down the road rejoicing!


Do you have the kind of faith that refuses to take no for an answer? It's time you begin to cry out to God with a voice of faith that won't quit. Do not allow the devil to steal from you what rightfully belongs to you by telling you God won't hear your prayer. The Bible says God always hears the cry of the righteous (Ps. 34:15). Put Satan with all his doubt and unbelief in his place by using the Name of Jesus. Refuse to quit, and you can receive what you want from God!

There is no defeat in faith. All the onslaughts of hell cannot quench our faith if we have committed ourselves to God. If we live a life pleasing to Him and claim what is rightfully ours through His Word, there's no way we can be defeated!




Activate Your Faith!
The same Jesus Who passed by Bartimaeus that day is passing by you this very moment. He's passing by, and He's asking the same question today that He asked so many years ago: "What do you want Me to do for you?"

Do you want to be free from cancer? Do you want to be free from heart trouble? Do you want to be free from diabetes? Are you ready? Reach out to Him right now. In the Name of Jesus, be healed today!

1. You must get up and DO SOMETHING.
2. You must DECLARE GOD'S WORD in the face of opposition.
3. DON'T LISTEN to people who tell you that you have to live with sickness.
4. You must CAST OFF THE GARMENT OF FEAR, the garment of doubt and unbelief.
5. You must BE SPECIFIC WITH GOD about your needs.
6. God will give you what you ASK for, so don't ask for barely enough.
7. REMEMBER, the same Jesus Who passed by Bartimaeus is passing by you today.


Think It Over
Were you once standing in faith for something promised you in God's Word, but you began to doubt, and you quit believing? Don't let the devil keep you from receiving what God has promised. Lift your voice in faith today, stand firm, and you will receive!