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Sharing the Good News in Hong Kong


// Special Report: Missions

In 1985 in the small, front-range town of Longmont, Colorado, Sharmin, a high school senior, shared with her church youth group her love for Christian missions. She had visited two countries and planned to go to Asia that summer. She told them her dream of reaching more people on foreign soil for Jesus.

Among her listeners was Steve, a youth leader in the church. Seeing her for the first time, he was impressed by her servant's heart and her willingness to go anywhere for the Lord. He shared her desire to reach more people overseas for Jesus. His one missions trip had whetted his appetite for more.

After Sharmin graduated, she also became a leader in her youth group. Steve introduced himself, and eventually the two became good friends, then fell in love. In 1988 they married, and the newlyweds moved to Florida. Steve served as a youth pastor, and their family began to grow with the births of two boys, Joab and Naiah.

The Fischers moved back home to Colorado in 1992, and their family grew again—this time with two girls, Jasmine and Jael. And they were prospering. Steve operated a booming construction business in the small ski town of Winter Park.

But despite success and comfort, the Fischers weren't satisfied. Their desire to take the Gospel to the world still burned in their hearts. In 1995 Kenneth E. Hagin visited the church where they first met, and they attended the two weeks of meetings. As he preached they both sensed a strong desire to move to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to attend Rhema Bible Training College and prepare for ministry. They made the move in 1996.

At Rhema, the Fischers grew spiritually. "A foundation of faith was built in us," shared Steve. "We learned how to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and step out in faith." All this proved to be valuable preparation for their next step. In 2001 the Lord led Steve and Sharmin to go to the Philippines to teach in a Bible school. The couple sold everything—including their 5,500-square-foot home with a swimming pool and four-car garage—and moved halfway around the world with their four children into a 550-square-foot apartment in Manila with armed guards stationed at the entrance. "We went through some major adjustments," said Steve.

But with God's grace, the family made the transition well. Steve served as dean of a Bible school and they both taught and trained laborers for ministry. The Fischers knew this wasn't their final destination, but it was part of God's wonderful plan for them.

After successfully completing their season in the Philippines, the couple heard from the Lord in prayer that they needed to move to Hong Kong. They knew no one there and had never visited that city. But again they stepped out in faith, packed their belongings, and moved their family to one of the world's most densely populated urban areas.

When the Fischers arrived in Hong Kong, they immediately saw the need for Bibles and Christian teaching in China. Believing that God doesn't call just the parents to ministry, they've always included their children in everything they do. So together they began to take Bibles, Spirit-filled Christian teaching materials, and Kenneth Hagin books across the border into China. It became routine for their two junior high-aged sons to transport Bibles in the morning and homeschool in the afternoon.

During the past decade, the Fischers' ministry has led over 2,000 people from 21 U.S. states and 22 countries into China to distribute materials in almost every major city. The Fischers themselves have taken over 30,000 Christian books into China.

And with teams they have delivered over 50 tons of materials to believers on the mainland. "Unfortunately, this is only a small cup of water attempting to quell the spiritual thirst of over 120 million Chinese believers desiring to know more of God," Steve said.

In China, they also hold children's and youth camps, teach in Bible schools, and visit and support orphanages, Chinese pastors, and other western missionaries. They are even getting Kenneth Hagin materials to North Korean believers.

In one rural region in South Central China there were no Christians, and the residents had never seen a white person until the Fischers visited with a team. One of the first people to receive salvation was a 101-year-old woman. Two years later the team returned. This same woman, now 103, introduced her daughter to them, and she, too, received salvation. There is now a growing Christian community in this formerly unreached area. Every year the Fischers lead a team there to bring Bibles and Kenneth Hagin books.

In 2007 the Lord led the Fischers to pioneer Faith Family Christian Church Hong Kong in their living room. The Chinese started coming, the congregation grew, and eventually the church needed its own facility. The family located a building in the heart of Hong Kong, but it took all the money they had to lease it, leaving nothing for renovations. So Steve said, "We'll just sit on the floor and I'll start teaching about giving. And when money comes in, we'll start renovating." But even before the first service, church members began being blessed on their jobs and money started coming from U.S. churches. Before long they had the funds to buy all materials needed for renovation. Drawing on his 20 years of construction experience, Steve had the church members do the renovating. Doing the work themselves gave the young Chinese a heartfelt sense of ownership in their new church facility.

Located in the Kwun Tong district of Kowloon, Faith Family Christian Church is now a spiritual home for more than 150 Chinese people. Every Sunday morning, senior pastors Steve and Sharmin share sound, practical, faith-filled teaching from God's Word with their young congregation. Services are conducted in English with Cantonese translation, and the Fischer family worship team members sing in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

God's Word is at work in church members' lives. Some have been delivered from smoking, drug addiction, and unhealthy relationships. Others were involved in organized crime. All are enjoying new lives in Christ and walking out their God-given purpose.

This couple who met in a Colorado youth group, now with their children helping them, are fulfilling their mutual desire to reach those on foreign soil for Jesus. Joab, Naiah, and their spouses all are Rhema USA graduates, and the young men serve as associate pastors in the Hong Kong church. Last year the Fischers were thrilled with the launching of Rhema Hong Kong. Of the 23 first-year students, 22—including their daughters Jasmine and Jael—were from their church.

The Fischers and their family have learned there is great joy in serving the Lord wholeheartedly. "We've had seemingly insurmountable obstacles that we've come through," shared Steve. "But when you're doing your own calling, there's so much fulfillment and so much grace, revelation, and provision."