Ready to Make Their Mark On the World!

08 wof pic6Rhema USA Graduates 40th Class

Cheers and applause from family and friends greeted Rhema Bible Training College's 40th class as the 403 graduates filed into the Cox Business Center auditorium in Tulsa. Their caps and gowns showed clearly that they had successfully completed their training and were equipped and eager to enter the harvest fields of the earth.

Dr. Steve Houpe, pastor of Harvest Church International Outreach in Kansas City, Missouri, and a 1986 Rhema graduate, delivered the commencement address. Rev. Houpe exhorted the graduates to have courage to trust God for what He has called each of them to do.

You've got a lot of information—a lot of principles and steps. You have a lot of how-tos. But to implement all the things that the instructors have poured into your life over the last two or three years, it's going to take courage.

It will take courage to fulfill the call of God on your life. Many people start out on the journey, but not all finish. They lose one of the great ingredients needed not only to start, but to finish, and that ingredient is courage.

When I think of the 40th graduating class, I think of Joshua. God had called him, trained him, and developed him to be the next leader of His people. But before Joshua was put in charge, he served under

Moses the leader of God's people. When God ushered Moses into his ministry, he was 80 years old. Then another 40 years passed and the Bible says in Deuteronomy chapter 31 that Moses was 120 years old and at the end of his journey. Right behind Moses was Joshua, his faithful and loyal follower.

In Deuteronomy 31:7 God through Moses gave a charge to Joshua before he was set to lead His people. God charged Joshua to be strong. This is the same charge I give you. God is charging the 40th graduating class to be strong and of good courage! If you have dreams and visions on the inside of you and you don't know how they're going to get done, I charge you to not fear, to not be afraid.

The same Lord God Who was with Moses, and Joshua, and Zechariah, and Esther, and Haggai, and Abraham, and Kenneth E. Hagin, and Who is with Kenneth W. Hagin, is the God Who is with you today! What God has started in you will come to pass, if you don't quit.

There is a reason why God chose you to be the 40th graduating class. There is something fresh and new that God is getting ready to release into the earth. And you are the ones that He has chosen to release that fresh anointing and fresh glory. You are the ones!

God is going to do something great in each of your lives. Fortieth graduating class, you're going to be like a whirlwind released on this world. You will take the word of faith to the four corners of this world. God is charging you to take courage! What God has started in your life, He will finish until He returns. Everything you need to be successful in the ministry that God has called you to, He will supply. So take courage! You're going to make a mark in this world that cannot be erased!

As the ceremony ended, each graduate walked from the auditorium holding a lit candle in one hand and a runner's relay baton in the other. On each baton was inscribed, "I commit today to carry the baton of revival to this generation. I will carry the banner of faith and God's power to a lost and dying world. This is my time to do all God has called me to do!"



Did You Know?
Each year President Kenneth W. Hagin issues a charge to new graduates by reading from the Scriptures. One of the verses he reads is Isaiah 52:7 (NLT 1996): "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news of peace and salvation, the news that the God of Israel reigns!"