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Coming Home

04 Pic 3Kenneth and Lynette Hagin are always encouraging Rhema graduates, partners, and friends to "come home." They know how important it is to sit under the anointing and hear a timely word from the Lord. Campmeeting provides a great opportunity to come home. It's a time to see old friends, hear plenty of good preaching, and allow God to touch your life in ways that only He can.

Bill McNeese, a 1982 Rhema Bible Training College graduate, and his wife, Fredna, can attest to this. After he graduated, Bill worked at Kenneth Hagin Ministries for 10 years. Then in 1992 the Lord called the McNeeses back to their hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, where they pioneered Harvest Family Church. Although Bill and Fredna were now over 700 miles from Broken Arrow, they were determined never to unhook from Rhema.


"When God called us [to Rhema] and hooked us up with Brother Hagin and ultimately with Pastor Hagin, I knew that it was important for us to stay fully connected to Rhema and this ministry," he says.
The McNeeses have been at every Campmeeting since 1980. That's 34 Campmeetings! Coming home to Rhema has been a priority in their lives.

"The Holy Spirit ministered to me," says Bill, "that my success in ministry and my success in my family will always be tied to my commitment, my loyalty, and my honor of this ministry and staying connected to it spiritually and in every other way.

"We're going to stay close to this ministry," continues Bill. "We need it spiritually. We need the impartations, the wisdom, and the strength that comes from being here. We understand how important it is to let God speak into our lives through this ministry."

David Larsson, a 1991 Rhema graduate, and his wife, Violeta, who graduated in 2011, are directors of Rhema Bolivia. They feel the same way. Although they are not from the U.S., they see coming to the States for Campmeeting as coming home. Getting here, however, hasn't always been easy.

When the Larssons moved to Bolivia in 1996, they didn't have a car and walked everywhere. David, Violeta, and their two children stood in faith for two years for a vehicle. Needless to say, when God supernaturally provided money for the car, the entire family was thrilled.

At that time they had been on the mission field for three years, but lack of finances had prevented them from coming back to Rhema. In the midst of learning the language, adjusting to the culture, and waiting for their stomachs to get used to the food, they were feeling a bit down.

"We just knew we needed to come back home," says David.

In 1999, without hesitation, the Larssons sold their car and bought plane tickets for the entire family to fly to Broken Arrow to attend Campmeeting. Spiritually refreshed, they returned to Bolivia and walked for two years before they were able to buy another car. But none of the family ever complained.

"We just knew we needed to sell the car," says David. "It was the right thing to do. . . . It was well worth it.

"[Our children] have grown up under the faith message," David adds. "They don't have limits in their lives. They think everything is possible, as the Word says. And they have challenged us in that many times.

They'll probably do much more than Violeta and I ever thought they would do with their lives."