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Heart to Heart April 2014

04 Pic 1Faith Always Brings the Answer

//Kenneth W. Hagin

It's easy to make a statement of faith. It's another thing to live it, especially when circumstances start pushing in on us and even our close friends and relatives begin to question us. But if we want to stay fully persuaded, we must not become separated from our faith!

Really, we need to plunge into the promises of God with abandonment, like people who jump into the water to go swimming. When some people go swimming, they first test the water with their toes and then gradually slide in. That's the way many people are with God's promises. They just poke around the edges. But if we're going to receive what God has promised, we need to just jump in. We need to show that we are committed and mean business! If God said it, we believe it. There is no alternative—no ifs, ands, or buts. Receiving the promises of God depends upon our keeping His Word in front of us.

When the pressure's on, read the promises. If circumstances say, "It's not going to happen," begin to declare, "It is going to happen, because the Word of God says it is." When lack looms over you, read the promises. When sickness and pain pound your body, read the promises. When fear tries to invade your life, read and speak the promises. When impossibility is staring you in the face, stare at the promises instead!

That's not the time to look somewhere else. That's the time to stay focused on God's Word. Faith may not bring the answer right away, but faith will always (not maybe, but always) bring the answer. Galatians 6:9 (NIV) tells us not to grow weary. We will reap a harvest at the proper time if we don't give up.

Remember, Jesus died on the cross and arose victorious so you could have a new life. Now, all of God's promises are available to you. This Easter, focus on those promises. Don't allow anything else to come into your mind, and you will receive the answer you're seeking. Happy Resurrection Day!