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They Came Expecting

May 13 Pic5//Winter Bible Seminar Review

“This is going to be a great week,” Kenneth W. Hagin told the Winter Bible Seminar & RBTC Homecoming 2013 crowd on the first night. And it was! People came expecting, and the services were filled with natural and supernatural demonstrations as the Holy Spirit moved. Here’s a sampling of what attendees heard.




May 13 Pic5a

Changing Your World

“You must believe that you are supernaturally equipped to change your world and those in your world. It makes no difference who you are, where you’ve come from, or what you’ve done. When God gets hold of you, you become qualified! If God puts you in a neighborhood, change the neighborhood. If God puts you in the business world, change the business world. If God sends you to the jungles, believe that you are God’s person for that hour and change it! God will never send you someplace unequipped.” //  Kenneth W. Hagin
Click Here to start at Kenneth W. Hagin's first service.

May 13 Pic5b

Praying for the Nation

“First Timothy 2:1 says, “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men.” This is our model of praying for those in authority. Rhema Bible Church meets once a month to pray for the nation. We’re praying for all of our leaders—from the president on down. As we do, this nation will be changed! In 1983, Brother Hagin led us in a prayer for our country and we start with his prayer. Then we pray however the Holy Ghost leads us.”  // Lynette Hagin
Click Here to start at Lynette Hagin's first service.

May 13 Pic5c

“Faith is a firm persuasion—a conviction based on what you’ve heard. It’s what you believe. And it is to affect every area of your life—not just your ‘need’ life.” // Doug Jones // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Doug Jones's service.

May 13 Pic5d “The enemy will tempt you to take the easy way out. Stand your ground—hold firm in courage—and God will strengthen you and bring you through to the blessing!” // Bill Ray // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Bill Ray's service.
May 13 Pic5e

“The Name of Jesus is greater than lack, unemployment, relationship issues, and sickness. Start using it! Put it in your mouth. Because all that Jesus was, His Name is!” // Tad Gregurich // RBTC USA Dean
Click Here to watch Tad Gregurich's service.

May 13 Pic5f

“God gave us His faith. And His faith works! We just have to trust that it will and hold fast to our positive, bold confession” (Heb. 10:23). // Rick Fern // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Rick Fern's service.

Power In the Name of Jesus

The wind blew and mist swirled as the children at Winter Bible Seminar 2013 walked through the Red Sea. Through this and other vivid illustrations in the Rhema Kids auditorium, the little ones experienced firsthand the power of Jesus.

Messages and lessons all week for both children and youth focused on the Name of Jesus and the power that Name gives them to be more than conquerors in life. This year also marked the first Winter Blitz, with nightly services for Junior Varsity and Varsity youth.

God touched lives each night. JV youth enjoyed their own services with special times of worship and praise. Varsity youth heard great messages but also spent much time worshipping in the presence of the Lord. “It was almost like you didn’t want to leave,” said Denise Burns, Rhema Bible Church Student Ministries pastor. Winter Blitz ended with a combined JV-Varsity party at the Ninowski Recreation Center.

May 13 Pic5g

“You’re not trying to get healed on your own ability. The moment you were born again, God came into you. And everything He is, He is in you!” // Leigh Ann Soesbee // RBTC USA Instructor

May 13 Pic5h

“What is with God? He wants so much to be with His people. What is man that He is mindful of them? He loves them with an enduring love that requires nothing in return.” // Jeanne Orrison // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Jeanne Orrison's service.

May 13 Pic5i

“This is the unique privilege of every believer now—we can receive the power of the Holy Ghost and be led by the Spirit and hear from Heaven.” // Kirk DuBois // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Kirk DuBois's service.

May 13 Pic5j

“Knowing what encourages you is vastly important. Do whatever it takes to get away from the agitation in your life and build yourself up with what God has to say to you.” // Karen Jensen // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Karen Jensen's service.

May 13 Pic5k

“If you think freedom means nobody telling you what to do, you’re missing what freedom in Christ is. You’re trying to see what you can get away with that God will be OK with.” // Joe Duininck // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Joe Duininck's service.

May 13 Pic5l

“From the beginning of time, God’s love for us has been so great that He has done everything He possibly could to get to us.” // Bob Keich // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Bob Keich's service.

May 13 Pic5m

“Too many Christians are trying to understand. You’re never going to understand the power of God. You have to come to the conclusion, ‘My God works. God’s power and God’s ability always work.’ ” // Craig W. Hagin // RBTC USA Instructor
Click Here to watch Craig Hagin's service.

Miss Winter Bible Seminar 2013?

>>Want to experience it again?
Watch archived services online at http://vimeo.com/Rhema/channels. Just click on Winter Bible Seminar ’13. Or you can purchase CDs, DVDs, or MP3s of the messages at www.rhema.org/store. Under Events, just click on Winter Bible Seminar 2013.

Click Here to watch Tad Gregurich's service.