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The Believer's Authority

In our all-time best seller, The Believer's Authority, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin provides excellent insight into the God-given authority that rightfully belongs to every believer in Christ!

These practical teachings help believer's to deepen their understanding of that authority and walk in it for their own lives as they fulfill the purpose God has planned for them.

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  1. EAS21J

    We Are Victorious! Learn More
  2. EAS36H

    The Man Behind The Ministry Learn More
  3. EAS03J

    Live in Victory and Success! Learn More
  4. EAS85H

    You were created to reign! God never intended that man be a slave to sin, bad habits, sickness, or anything else that binds. Kenneth E. Hagin explains how Jesus became a sacrifice in our place--redeeming us from spiritual death and imparting true life into us. Learn More
  5. The Believer's Authority (4 MP3 Downloads)

    Do you go through life holding the will and testament Jesus Christ left you without ever taking advantage of your rights and privileges? In this captivating series, Kenneth E. Hagin teaches you how to use the authority you have in Christ!

    Learn More
  6. EAS93H
  7. EAS94H
  8. EAS95H

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