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  1. Healing Scriptures (1 CD)

    Healing Belongs to You! Learn More
  2. Health Food Devotions (Book)

    Health Food contains Rev. Hagin's teachings on healing from the first year of RHEMA's Prayer and Healing School. Written in a day-by-day devotional format, Health Food will give you a daily dose of God's medicine, His Word. As you read and meditate on God's Word concerning healing, you can experience the joy of a life free from pain and disease, a life of good health! Learn More
  3. DH19S

    As a believer, you can walk in healing and all of God’s blessings by obeying His instructions to “incline thine ear” to His Word. This DVD features timeless insights from Rev. Hagin on the need to feed continually on God’s Word. Learn More
  4. DH22S

    Just as faith in the Name of Jesus made the lame walk in Early Church times, faith in that Name leads to victory in every area of your life today! Rev. Hagin teaches how faith in Jesus’ Name can bring victory, provision, and protection. Learn More
  5. DH24S

    If we have faith in the Name of Jesus, we know that God hears us when we pray. We don’t have to waver or worry—we can rely on His precious name to deliver us out of all our troubles. Learn More
  6. Positioning Yourself To Receive Healing (Book)

    In this book, Rev. Doug Jones presents key beliefs that one must embrace and act upon in order to be properly positioned to receive healing. Learn More
  7. EAS30H

    Believers can recognize--and bypass--the obstacles that stand in the way of their healing, and learn God's recipe for life and health. Learn More
  8. EAS49H

    This series explains that Christians have been redeemed from spiritual death, the curse of poverty, and the curse of sickness! Understand who you are in Christ and what He has done for you when you know what you have been delivered from! Learn More
  9. EAS75H
  10. The Healing Anointing (Book)

    The supernatural healing power of God will operate effectively in your life when you understand the laws that govern it. Learn More

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