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  1. Redimido De La Pobreza, Enfermedad, y Muerte Espiritual (Redeemed From Poverty, Sickness and Spiritual Death - Book)

    Raras veces las Buenas Nuevas han sido proclamadas de una forma tan magistral como en este clásico literario. ¡Los creyentes han sido redimidos de la maldición de la ley para disfrutar de las bendiciones de Abraham! Learn More
  2. EAS85H

    You were created to reign! God never intended that man be a slave to sin, bad habits, sickness, or anything else that binds. Kenneth E. Hagin explains how Jesus became a sacrifice in our place--redeeming us from spiritual death and imparting true life into us. Learn More
  3. DS01H - image

    The Book of Ephesians unveils the believer’s authority more fully than any other Epistle written to the Church. This 3-volume DVD series provides an in-depth scriptural study of the believer’s authority in Christ. Learn More
  4. The Believer's Authority (4 CDs)

    When believers understand how to walk in their God-given authority, they will begin to reign in life as more than conquerors through Jesus Christ! Learn More
  5. The Believer's Authority (4 MP3 Downloads)

    Do you go through life holding the will and testament Jesus Christ left you without ever taking advantage of your rights and privileges? In this captivating series, Kenneth E. Hagin teaches you how to use the authority you have in Christ!

    Learn More
  6. The Believer's Authority (Book)

    In our all-time best seller, The Believer's Authority, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin provides excellent insight into the God-given authority that rightfully belongs to every believer in Christ! Learn More
  7. The Believer's Authority-Legacy Edition (Book)

    Discover the authority that belongs to every believer in Christ. This attractive book, now available in paperback, includes the original text of The Believer’s Authority plus added messages from Rev. Hagin, a special “Life and Legacy” historical introduction, and a collection of commemorative photographs. Learn More
  8. The Glory Of The Lord (3 CDs)

    Much has been said about God's glory, but what is it, and how is it relevant now? Learn More
  9. The Name Of Jesus Series Volume 1 (4 CDs)

    The Name of Jesus, the Name above all names, carries power and authority, and it has been given to you! When a believer speaks in the Name of Jesus, it is as if Jesus Himself were speaking. Learn More
  10. The Name Of Jesus Series Volume 2 (4 CDs)

    All Jesus accomplished on the earth and all He is now at the right hand of the Father are summed up in His mighty Name. Learn More

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