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  1. EAS26H

    Discover the blessings and benefits of Bible-based confessions as Kenneth E. Hagin teaches from the Word of God. Confession is a vital key to success in the lives of believers. Learn More
  2. EAS38H

    Do you have needs in your life that God's Word promises to meet? This classic message from Kenneth E. Hagin reveals four steps believers can take to see God's promises fulfilled in their lives. Learn More
  3. Speak To Your Mountain! (Book)

    Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. shows how God has provided a way for Christians to remove the mountains—hindrances and barriers—that stand in the way of possessing all that God has for them! Learn More
  4. The Untapped Power In Praise (Book)

    This book teaches how to tap into that power through praise! Learn More
  5. CS50J

    Be a Winner in Life!

    To win in life and have victory over the trials, troubles, and tribulations the enemy brings our way, we must fight the war of words...we must speak the Word of God out of our mouths!

    Learn More
  6. EAS73H

    Through this series, you can realize that the fulfillment of God's promises is as simple as planting the imperishable seed of the Word in your heart, watering it, and watching it grow! Learn More

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