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  1. CS50J

    Be a Winner in Life!

    To win in life and have victory over the trials, troubles, and tribulations the enemy brings our way, we must fight the war of words...we must speak the Word of God out of our mouths!

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  2. EAS49J

    In this 4-MP3 series, Kenneth W. Hagin helps us develop a winning attitude and encourages us to hold on to God's promises until we see the victory! Learn More
  3. CS49J

    Deal With Trouble God's Way! Learn More
  4. Why, God? Why Me? Why Now? (3 MP3 Downloads)

    How do we cope with life when things go wrong? In this powerful series, Kenneth W. Hagin encourages us to take a firm stand on God’s Word and refuse to be moved! God is still God, and God can!

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  5. CS62J

    God Is Still God, No Matter What!

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  6. Why Tongues? (Book)

    The benefits of being filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking with other tongues are discussed in this important minibook. Learn More
  7. Why Do People Fall Under The Power? (Book)

    This minibook explores why people fall under the power of God, citing as evidence Church history records from Bible days to today. Learn More
  8. Where Is God in My Storm? (Book)

    Sometimes on our voyage through life, storms envelop us. In our darkest hour, we can lose our bearings and cry out, “God, where are You?” Where Is God in My Storm? explores the very real trials faced by men of faith throughout the Bible and shows how God, our ever-present help, always brought them through. And as we trust God in our storm and hold fast to His Word, He will renew our hope, calm the winds and waves, and anchor our souls in the safe haven of His protection. Learn More
  9. Where Do We Go From Here? (Book)

    Believers will be glad to know that they hold the key to their own future and that they can change their destiny through obedience to God's Word. Learn More
  10. DH11S

    In this meeting captured on DVD, the atmosphere was charged with Holy Ghost power! Watch as a wave of glory causes the congregation to break forth in joyous praise, laughter, and dancing. Share in the wonderful things that can happen when the Spirit gets to movin’! Learn More

Grid List

Set Ascending Direction

31-40 of 674

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