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  1. EAS63J

    Learn to balance the energy and idealism of the younger generations with the wisdom and experience of the older. There's power in generational unity! Learn More
  2. In Search Of Timothy (Book)

    This 246-page book written by Tony Cooke explains how you were created by God to make a significant impact in helping your local church. Learn More
  3. In Search of Timothy Workbook (Book)

    The In Search of Timothy series by Tony Cooke explores the roles of Timothy and other biblical figures who accomplished the plan of God by serving others. This teaching series is specifically targeted to help you become the servant, worker, and leader in the Body of Christ that God intends you to be. This workbook corresponds directly to the textbook, CDs, and DVDs in the In Search of Timothy Complete Leadership Training Course. Learn More
  4. Ministering to the Brokenhearted (2 CDs)

    Encouragement is powerful! When Christians comfort one another, the church becomes a place of ministry to those who are weary and hurting. You are empowered to speak uplifting words of reassurance to those are around you.

    Learn More
  5. Missionary Strategies (Book)

    RHEMA Ministerial Association International missionaries share their spiritual and natural experiences on the field. Be inspired, instructed, and challenged to take the Gospel to the world. Learn More
  6. BM994

    Tips for Establishing a New Church Learn More
  7. Seed Thoughts Devotional (Paperback Book)

    Inside this exquisite devotional are 52 profound Seed Thoughts from God's Word designed for readers to consistently apply to their lives for seven consecutive days. In one year, Christians can see their life in Christ produce a beautiful harvest! Learn More
  8. The Traveling Minister's Handbook (Book)

    Whether you are just getting started in itinerant ministry or are a seasoned minister, The Traveling Minister's Handbook is a must-have resource guide for your library. Revised and updated, this comprehensive handbook examines every aspect of the traveling ministry from both practical and spiritual perspectives.

    Learn More

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