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  1. EAS31J

    The Holy-Spirit--the third Person of the Trinity--is a distinct Person with a personality of His own. Become better acquainted with Him as Rev. Hagin examines His character, attributes, and methods of operation. Learn More
  2. CS31J

    How Well Do You Know The Holy Spirit? Learn More
  3. The Key to the Supernatural (Book)

    The key to the last-day move of the power of God is unity and accord among believers. Learn More
  4. DJ03S

    Amid uncertainty, the world is looking for answers that Holy Spirit-empowered believers can provide. On this DVD, Rev. Hagin reveals that God’s Spirit is pouring out a new wave of supernatural demonstration as believers recommit themselves to walk unashamedly in God’s power. Learn More
  5. Listen to Your Heart: Hearing God in a Noisy World (Book)

    Listen to Your Heart presents a practical perspective on the important subject of being led by the Holy Spirit. Learn More
  6. EAS25J

    You can hear from God! Learn to train your spirit in the Word so you can "listen to your heart" with confidence and walk in the fullness of all God's blessings. Learn More
  7. Listen to Your Heart Series (3 CDs)

    You Can Hear From God! Learn More
  8. EAJ18S

    A Mighty Rainstorm is coming! Learn More
  9. CJ18S

    A Mighty Rainstorm is coming! Learn More

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