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  1. Baptism In The Holy Spirit (Book)

    This important study guide, which focuses on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues, teaches believers how to draw from the ever present source of power within them—the Holy Spirit. Learn More
  2. Deliverance From Demonic Influence Series (4 CDs)

    This 4-CD series includes powerful teaching on the subject of deliverance and the influence of demons. Learn More
  3. CLH01S - Image

    Just as David defeated Goliath, you can win the victory over problems designed to hinder you. In this inspirational teaching, Lynette Hagin shows you how to overcome the giants of circumstances, attitudes, wrong decisions, opposition, and discouragement—by relying on an Almighty God! Learn More
  4. DH25S - Image

    Jesus defeated the devil and all of his adversaries, but it’s up to you to gather up the spoil! Deliverance, salvation, divine healing, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, righteousness, peace, and joy are all yours for the taking. Learn More
  5. Godliness is Profitable (Book)

    God's Word teaches that godliness is profitable unto all things and that believers can enjoy God's provisions in this life! Learn More
  6. DH22S - image

    Just as faith in the Name of Jesus made the lame walk in Early Church times, faith in that Name leads to victory in every area of your life today! Rev. Hagin teaches how faith in Jesus’ Name can bring victory, provision, and protection. Learn More
  7. Seven Things You Should Know About Divine Healing (6 CDs)

    In this 6-CD series, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin teaches the biblical truth about divine healing using seven easy-to-understand points. Learn More
  8. The Interceding Christian (Book)

    The Interceding Christian outlines the basics of intercession and teaches students of the Word to become keen intercessors, driving back the forces of darkness with prayer. Learn More
  9. The Untapped Power In Praise (4 CDs)

    Praise Your Way to Victory! Learn More

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