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Healing Scriptures (1 CD)

Healing Scriptures (1 CD)
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4 Item(s)

The best "medicine" for soul, mind or body!
I have the CD and the book, I have listened and read them over and over. Especially nice to listen too when I am too tired to read and just want to relax. When I was trusting God for a healing about 12 years ago, I wrote down healing scriptures and carried them with me all the time to read whenever I had time. Several months passed before my healing was manifested, but after I committed my problem to the Lord, I continued to thank Him, never doubting that He would see me through, and praise be to His Name, He did and I am stilled healed today. I am so thankful for the teaching I have received from your "Word of Faith" magazine and the many books, tapes and CDs, I have received from you. I truly appreciate having been introduced to your ministry as a young child, my mother, who has now passed on to glory, read your "Word of Faith" magazine faithfully. She was healed from arthritis when I was about 5 or 6 yrs., I can still remember how she suffered and when she was healed. This was the first time she was healed, at the time very few people in our area had been taught about divine healing and didn't want to hear anything about it and most refused to accept it. I am truly thankful that she had a receptive spirit and continued to trust the Lord throughout the remainder of her life. I am now 62 years old and have had many healings through out the years. Your ministry has had a great impact on my life. I could never thank you or God enough for you Review by Sherri / (Posted on 3/23/2010)
Soak it up! :)
This is great to listen to anytime. Especially great to fall asleep to. Builds your faith as you soak up God's promises for you. Thank you Jesus! Review by jkwelch / (Posted on 10/16/2009)
Scripture references throughout
My husband and I listen to this CD whenever we deal with symptoms of sickness. It is very comforting to hear the Word of the Lord when you don't feel well enough to read it. I like this CD very much because Brother Hagin includes the book, chapter and verse references for every Scripture he reads, so you can look it up for yourself if you desire. Highly recommended. Review by Christina / (Posted on 9/20/2009)
Power of the Word
These scriptures were feeding faith to my spirit during a 6 hour operation. (The anestheologist even change the batteries in my replay recorder.) I had no pain despite extensive surgery and have been restored to complete health despite a worrysome diagnosis. The word of the Lord became truth over my body and my circumstances. Now I give these to others in needs of faith building - to play 24/ whether they are sick or not. Review by Martha / (Posted on 7/22/2009)

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