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  1. Breaking the Bread of Revelation, Volume 1 (Book)

    Making sense of the Book of Revelation doesn't have to be hard. In fact, God wants you to be aware of end-time events. Gaining a clear understanding of Revelation will eliminate fear and enable you to be at peace about the future. Learn More
  2. Breaking the Bread of Revelation, Volume 2: Seven Letters to Seven Churches (Book)

    Revelation chapters 2 and 3 contain seven letters to first-century churches. Yet the encouragements and warnings contained in them apply to believers today. Learn how these important letters can help you be an overcomer. Learn More
  3. Breaking the Bread of Revelation, Volume 3: Israel: God's Glory (Book)

    The Book of Revelation does not have to be mysterious or hard to understand. Brian McCallum unveils the scriptural meaning behind Revelation’s symbolism and makes the message clear. Learn More
  4. Built To Last (Book)

    In Built to Last, Kenneth W. Hagin reveals the biblical principles and practical wisdom needed to build healthy relationships with God and people. Learn More
  5. Called of God (Book)

    God has called every believer to be a minister of reconciliation—someone who shares with other people the truth that God has reconciled them to Himself through Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 5:18–19). However, God calls some believers to make the ministry their life’s purpose and vocation—whether serving in a pulpit or helping the Body of Christ in a supportive role. In Called of God, Kenneth W. Hagin speaks to those whom God has called to give their lives to His service. Rev. Hagin shares scriptural principles and lessons learned from his nearly 50 years in ministry. Whether you are called to preach or to help in a supportive role, Called of God will help you understand the nature of your call and equip you for success in your service to the Lord! Learn More
  6. Casting Your Cares Upon The Lord (Book)

    Believers were meant to live free of the cares of this world. This book reveals ways to overcome the worry habit and walk in faith by obeying God’s Word. Learn More
  7. Classic Sermons (Book)

    Enjoy rich gems of spiritual truths in this collection of timeless messages by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin that will stir your spirit and inspire your faith in God's Word! Learn More
  8. Come Out Of The Valley! (Book)

    Believers can learn to use their faith in God's Word to activate the power of God and blast away every obstacle that is hindering them from climbing out of the valley of defeat! Learn More
  9. Commanding Power (Book)

    The key to doing the works of Jesus is understanding and exercising the commanding power we have in Him. Learn More
  10. Cómo Desatar Su Fe (How to Turn Your Faith Loose - Book)

    La fe tiene que ser ejercitada y liberada para que trabaje. Este libro explica porqué la confesión de fe es la clave. Learn More

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