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  1. Faith Food Devotions (Book)

    This devotional contains a daily spiritual "diet" with verses of scripture, bite-sized teachings, and personal confessions to "feed" your faith every day of the year. Learn More
  2. Following God's Plan For Your Life (Book)

    In Following God's Plan for Your Life, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin presents profound teaching on how to discover and fulfill the divine destiny God has ordained for your life. Learn More
  3. Growing Up, Spiritually (Book)

    This book will help Christians locate where they are spiritually and show them how to grow into the next stage of spiritual development. Learn More
  4. He Gave Gifts Unto Men (Book)

    In He Gave Gifts Unto Men, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin takes a scriptural look at the offices of the apostle, prophet, and pastor in the Early Church and their roles in the Body of Christ today. Learn More
  5. Health Food Devotions (Book)

    Health Food contains Rev. Hagin's teachings on healing from the first year of RHEMA's Prayer and Healing School. Written in a day-by-day devotional format, Health Food will give you a daily dose of God's medicine, His Word. As you read and meditate on God's Word concerning healing, you can experience the joy of a life free from pain and disease, a life of good health! Learn More
  6. BM541

    From the author of The Believer's Authority: Legacy Edition comes the second release in this life-changing series: How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God: Legacy Edition. Learn More
  7. I Believe In Visions (Book)

    In this all-time classic, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin describes in detail his major visions of Jesus Christ and how they have dramatically influenced his ministry. Learn More
  8. Jesus - The Open Door (Book)

    Believers can learn how to cooperate with the Lord to walk through His doors of blessing and opportunity. Learn More
  9. Kenneth E. Hagin Legacy Bible

    Regular Price: $149.95

    Special Price $129.95

    Often called the father of the modern-day faith movement, Kenneth E. Hagin’s ministry has impacted many people. It would be impossible to fully measure the worldwide influence he made throughout his life. The Kenneth E. Hagin Legacy Bible is designed to help Christians build a firm foundation of faith.

    Learn More
  10. La Iglesia Triunfante (The Triumphant Church - Book)

    ¿Puede un cristiano poseer un demonio? ¿Es bíblico derribar fortalezas demoníacas? ¿Cuál es la verdadera batalla espiritual que enseña la Biblia? Este libro del Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, La Iglesia Triunfante: Dominio Sobre Todos Los Poderes De Las Tinieblas, es un estudio bíblico que permite comprender el tema demoníaco. Learn More

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