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  1. Answered Prayer: An Obtainable Goal Series (4 CDs)

    If you rarely receive answers to your prayers, it’s time for a spiritual check-up! In this powerful 4-CD series, Kenneth E. Hagin presents seven scriptural steps that, when followed faithfully, will assure that your prayers are answered. Learn how to pray in line with God’s Word so your prayers will always be effective! “If I’m not getting an answer to prayer,” remarks Rev. Hagin, “I start checking up on myself. I know there’s no problem with the sending end. God is always ready and willing to answer my prayer. So the problem must be with the receiving end—that’s me.” Learn More
  2. Baptism In The Holy Spirit (Book)

    This important study guide, which focuses on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in other tongues, teaches believers how to draw from the ever present source of power within them—the Holy Spirit. Learn More
  3. Bible Faith Study Course (Book)

    The Bible Faith Study Course takes you through the Word of God to teach you how faith is produced and how it can be released in every area of your life. Learn More
  4. Bible Healing Study Course (Book)

    The Bible Healing Study Course provides scriptural proof that it is God's will to heal you. Learn More
  5. Bible Prayer Study Course (Book)

    The Bible Prayer Study Course discusses many principles of prayer found in the Word of God. Learn More
  6. Biblical Keys To Financial Prosperity (Book)

    This book explains how believers can release their faith for finances and "eat the good of the land." Learn More
  7. Biblical Ways To Receive Healing (Book)

    In this study guide, you will discover various methods for receiving healing as recorded in the Word of God. Learn More
  8. DH30S

    Discover your role in enforcing Satan's defeat. It's time to demolish the devil's kingdom! Learn More
  9. DH29S

    You have a part to play in the Lord’s return. Find out what you can do to hasten—or speed up—His coming. Learn More
  10. Campmeeting Classics Volume 2 (4 CDs)

    Listen to faith building, life-changing messages from Kenneth Hagin Ministries historical Campmeetings. Great teachers of faith share their testimonies and expound on the scriptures to help believers stay the course in their Christian walk.

    Speakers and messages include:
    • Kenneth E. Hagin—Fully Pursuaded, 1989
    • Kenneth W. Hagin—Faith: One Step at a Time, 1993
    • T.L. Osborn—My Witness of Jesus Christ, 1983
    • Kenneth Copeland—Deliverance From Fear, 1979

    Learn More

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