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  1. Campmeeting Classics Volume 2 (4 CDs)

    Listen to faith building, life-changing messages from Kenneth Hagin Ministries historical Campmeetings. Great teachers of faith share their testimonies and expound on the scriptures to help believers stay the course in their Christian walk.

    Speakers and messages include:
    • Kenneth E. Hagin—Fully Pursuaded, 1989
    • Kenneth W. Hagin—Faith: One Step at a Time, 1993
    • T.L. Osborn—My Witness of Jesus Christ, 1983
    • Kenneth Copeland—Deliverance From Fear, 1979

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  2. Campmeeting Classics Volume 3 (4 CDs)

    The origin of Kenneth Hagin Ministries' Campmeeting can be traced back to January 1973. The Lord awakened Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin early one morning and instructed him to hold a special meeting in the spirit of old-time camp meetings. The first gatherings were called Faith Seminar and Indoor Campmeeting. The event is now simply called Campmeeting. Campmeeting Classics, Volume 3 is a 4-part audio collection of powerful messages from past Campmeetings. Enjoy insightful, inspirational teaching from the Word of God as shared by Campmeeting speakers over the years.

    Volume 3 features the following messages:
    • Faith to Be Healed, Kenneth E. Hagin, 1973
    • Don't Quit, Kenneth W. Hagin, 1982
    • Faith's Corresponding Actions, Charles Capps, 1987
    • Operations of the Holy Spirit, J.R. Goodwin, 1973
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  3. Campmeeting Classics Volume 4 (4 CDs)

    Enjoy insightful, inspirational teaching from the Word of God as shared by Campmeeting speakers over the years. This 4-CD set includes powerful messages from Kenneth E. Hagin, Kenneth W. Hagin, Oral Roberts, and Mark Hankins. Learn More
  4. Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord (3 CDs)

    Because God cares for His children, He has extended to believers the incredible invitation to cast all their anxieties, cares, and worries upon Him! Learn More
  5. EAS72H

    Are you worried and anxious about life's problems? Did you know that you don't have to be consumed by worry? In this series, Kenneth E. Hagin explains how to truly give all your cares to the Lord so you can live a carefree, worry-free, anxiety-free life! Learn More
  6. Casting Your Cares Upon The Lord (Book)

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    Believers were meant to live free of the cares of this world. This book reveals ways to overcome the worry habit and walk in faith by obeying God’s Word. Learn More
  7. Charles Cowan-Essentials of Faith, Tuesday, July 26, 10:00  a.m. (MP3)
  8. Charles Cowan-Finding Faith and Hope in the Grace of God, Wednesday, July 27, 10:00 a.m. (MP3)

    Finding Faith and Hope in the Grace of God Charles Cowan Learn More
  9. Christ the Deliverer (1 CD)

    Our Questions About Healing—Answered! Learn More
  10. Christ: The Bread Of Life (2 CDs)

    In this stirring audio series, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. combines sound teaching from God's Word with practical guidelines to help believers experience the full benefits of Communion. Learn More

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