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  1. Tocante a Los Dones Espirituales (Concerning Spiritual Gifts - Book)

    En los últimos tiempos que estamos viviendo es imperativo para el Cuerpo de Cristo conocer sobre los dones espirituales. Esta guía de estudio enseña a los creyentes sobre el Espíritu Santo y sus dones. Learn More
  2. Three Big Words (Book)

    This important minibook discusses the vital difference between Old Testa-ment atonement and New Testament remission and forgiveness. Learn More
  3. The Woman Question (Book)

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    This book deals with many of the perplexing issues regarding the role of women in the Church and provides scriptural answers for the questions that plague the Body of Christ. Learn More
  4. The Will Of God In Prayer (Book)

    This timeless study guide will instruct believers on how to use the Word of God in prayer and get results. Learn More
  5. The Threefold Nature Of Man (Book)

    This book provides diligently examines the threefold nature of man—spirit, soul, and body. Learn More
  6. EAH20S

    Guard Your Heart and Mind Learn More
  7. CH20S

    Very few people commit what some call the "unpardonable sin." Learn how the devil can get a hold of people (even Christians, if they'll let him) and what we can do about it! Learn More
  8. EAH36S
  9. CH36S

    What was the secret to Kenneth E. Hagin’s success in ministry? The answer is revealed in what the Lord showed him in 1948. By applying the same principles, you will minister with faith and power and be a catalyst for the next great move of God!

    Learn More
  10. EAH31S

    On Saturday, April 22, 1933, Kenneth E. Hagin died three times. Each time, he reached the gates of hell, witnessed the blazing flames, and was supernaturally drawn back to the earth. His incredible testimony underscores the reality of Heaven and hell. Learn More

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