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  1. Doing the Works of Jesus Series—Volume 1 (4 CDs)

    Jesus did great works. And He did those works as a man, not as the Son of God. That means you can do the same! Discover how to activate these works in your life! Learn More
  2. Doing the Works of Jesus Series—Volume 2 (4 CDs)

    Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, He told His disciples to preach the Gospel and lay hands on the sick. We can do everything He did on the earth by relying on the Holy Spirit Who dwells in us. It’s time for us to do the works that Jesus did! Learn More
  3. Doing the Works of Jesus Series—Volume 3 (3 CDs)

    Kenneth E. Hagin outlines several ways in which Jesus ministered to the sick. As we follow after the Spirit of God, we too can minister to the sick and see them healed! Learn More
  4. Doing the Works of Jesus Series—Volume 4 (3 CDs)

    In the fourth volume of this fascinating series, Rev. Hagin highlights how hearing God's Word, faith, healing, and gifts of the Holy Spirit are closely connected. Learn More
  5. Don't Blame God (Book)

    Many believers wrongly harbor resentment against God for tragedies in their lives. This important minibook points out where tragedies really come from and Who our Deliverer really is! Learn More
  6. EAS74H

    Everything God promised in His Word is ours to claim and receive by faith. It's time to stop letting doubt and unbelief rob us of our rich inheritance in Christ. Learn More
  7. Doubt: The Thief of God's Greater Blessing (2 CDs)

    Believers can protect their rightful possessions in Christ and prevent doubt and unbelief from robbing them of God's greater blessings. Learn More
  8. El Amor Nunca Deja De Ser (Love Never Fails - Book)

    Cuando los cristianos actúan de acuerdo al amor que habita en sus corazones, no pueden fallar ¡porque el amor nunca deja de ser! Learn More
  9. El Arte de la Oración (The Art of Prayer - Book)

    Este libro enseña a a los creyentes el arte de la oración bíblica y ofrece una idea clara, a la luz de la Palabra de Dios, en los temas de la intercesión y la súplica. Learn More
  10. El Cristiano Intercesor (The Interceding Christian - Book)

    Esta obra presenta los aspectos básicos de la intercesión y enseña a los estudiantes de la Palabra a convertirse en intercesores entusiastas, haciendo retroceder las fuerzas del mal con sus oraciones. Learn More

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