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  1. Speak To Your Mountain! (Book)

    Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. shows how God has provided a way for Christians to remove the mountains—hindrances and barriers—that stand in the way of possessing all that God has for them! Learn More
  2. Soaring With The Eagles (Book)

    In this inspiring book, Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. takes an innovative look at the eagle and reveals how believers can learn to soar on the wings of faith, prayer, and praise to greater and greater heights spiritually! Learn More
  3. EAS35J

    Majestic and graceful, the eagle flies high above the storm while other animals scurry below to find a place of refuge. Rev. Hagin explains how Christians can focus on God and receive supernatural strength to soar above life's storms. Learn More
  4. Soaring With The Eagles (2 CDs)

    Rev. Hagin explains how Christians can focus on God and receive supernatural strength to soar above life's storms. Learn More
  5. Siete Impedimentos Para Recibir Sanidad (Seven Hindrances to Healing - Book)

    Esta obra discute siete obstáculos que evitan que las personas reciban la sanidad. Learn More
  6. Showdown With the Devil (Book)

    The true supernatural power of God always overcomes the devil's deception and releases those in bondage. Learn More
  7. Seven Hindrances to Healing (Book)

    This minibook discusses seven principal hindrances that keep people from receiving their healing. Learn More
  8. Principles for Building Strong Faith (3 CDs)

    In this 3-CD series, Kenneth W. Hagin explains that faith is similar to athletic ability. An athlete exercises and diligently practices his skill to grow stronger and improve his performance. We strengthen our faith in much the same way—by continually exercising it! We can plow through life with weak faith or we can discover practical steps we can take to build strong faith and receive God’s promises in our everyday lives! Disc 1—Blueprint for Building Strong Faith Disc 2—Blending the Natural and Supernatural Disc 3—Making Faith a Way of Life Learn More
  9. EAS28J

    In this 3-MP3 series, Kenneth W. Hagin discusses the basics of prayer; the importance of united prayer in the local church; and the way to pray positively, scripturally, responsibly, and persistently. Learn More
  10. Power Up! (Book)

    Before He left, Jesus told His disciples that they would do the works He did, and even greater. And the Books of Acts shows us that is exactly what happened. In Power Up!: Getting Charged With God’s Power, Kenneth W. Hagin challenges us as today’s Church to take Jesus at His Word and let that same miracle-working power flow through us. As we become conduits of God’s power, it will be said of us as it was of the first believers, that we are those who “have turned the world upside down.” Learn More

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51-60 of 180

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