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  1. The Answer For Oppression (Book)

    God's power in love is the key to deliverance from depression and oppression. Learn More
  2. DJ03S - image

    Amid uncertainty, the world is looking for answers that Holy Spirit-empowered believers can provide. On this DVD, Rev. Hagin reveals that God’s Spirit is pouring out a new wave of supernatural demonstration as believers recommit themselves to walk unashamedly in God’s power. Learn More
  3. Thanksgiving: A Continuous Flow (3 CDs)

    God has done great things for us—too many to be counted in just one day! That’s why we must overflow continually with thanksgiving. In this 3-CD series, Kenneth W. Hagin reminds us that we should thank God not only for the material blessings we have, but also for our spiritual blessings. These anointed messages help us learn: • How to give thanks to God with our words and actions. • The difference between giving thanks in everything and for everything. • How we can move from grief to gratitude. • How to make praise a way of life! Learn More
  4. EAS40J
  5. BM743

    As Rev. Kenneth Hagin Jr. reveals in this book, God's Word is full of power—power for staying positive in a negative world! Learn More
  6. EAS51J

    In the midst of all the negativity of this world, we can remain positive with the power of God working in our lives. In this 2-MP3 set, Kenneth W. Hagin outlines several things we can do to stay positive in the midst of negativism. Learn More
  7. Staying Positive In A Negative World (2 CDs)

    In this series, learn the following three steps to take in order to stay positive in this negative world. Learn More
  8. EAS41J

    Encountering life's storms is not a sign that God has left you. Rev. Hagin explains that panicking or trying to solve problems in your own strength leads to failure. When storms arise, God is ready to guide you to victory! Learn More
  9. Stand Fast In The Storms Of Life (3 CDs)

    In this series, Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin explains that when storms in life arise, God is willing and able to guide you to victory! Learn More
  10. Spiritual Life and Scriptural Healing Series (6 CDs)

    What is “the atoning blood of Jesus”? What did Jesus mean when He said, “It is finished”? Is healing really for today? How can praise lead us to victory? In this 6-CD series, Kenneth W. Hagin answers these questions and many more. He also explains how these fundamental aspects of our covenant through Christ apply to Christian living and character development. Disc titles include: Disc 1—The Twofold Work of Atonement Disc 2—It Is Finished Disc 3—The Son of God Manifested Disc 4—The Miraculous Christ Disc 5—Doing What Is Right in the Sight of God Disc 6—Victory Through Praise Learn More

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