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  1. The Untapped Power In Praise (Book)

    This book teaches how to tap into that power through praise! Learn More
  2. EAS60J

    There is unlimited power waiting to be released on the inside of every believer--the power of praise! We can overcome the trials of life and win the victory every time by praising God with a heart full of love and gratitude. Learn More
  3. The Untapped Power In Praise (4 CDs)

    Praise Your Way to Victory! Learn More
  4. The Table That Speaks: Bringing Communion to Life (Book)

    To many modern Christians, Communion is a meaningless ritual. But the Communion Table is really a living reminder of the foundation of our faith. Jesus still speaks to us today through the Communion Table, but are we listening? The Table That Speaks shows Communion, not as a mere formality tacked on at the end of a service, but as a focal point of a vital faith in a living God! Learn More
  5. EAJ03S

    Get Out of Jail ... Free! Learn More
  6. The Prison Door Is Open (1 CD)

    Jesus freed us from the bondage of sin, sickness, fear, and torment. Learn how to walk in the freedom that is yours in Christ and never be imprisoned by the enemy again. Learn More
  7. The Power Trip Series (3 CDs)

    Jesus has given believers power though the Holy Spirit to set people free from the chains of sin, sickness, and disease. Learn how you can tap into this exceeding great power and be a carrier of God’s glory to your world.

    Learn More
  8. EAS31J

    The Holy-Spirit--the third Person of the Trinity--is a distinct Person with a personality of His own. Become better acquainted with Him as Rev. Hagin examines His character, attributes, and methods of operation. Learn More
  9. The Person of the Holy Spirit Series (4 CDs)

    In this 4-CD series, Kenneth W. Hagin helps us become better acquainted with the Holy Spirit through a study of His character, attributes, and methods of operation. He encourages us to get to know the Holy Spirit—the third Person of the Trinity—and let Him be all that God intended for Him to be in our lives! Learn More
  10. The Past Tense Of God's Word (Book)

    This practical minibook explains that the finished work of Jesus has provided benefits for believers today! Learn More

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21-30 of 173