Women's Conference: Letting Go of Every Weight

Article Womens Conference 1Kindle the Flame was nothing short of life-changing.

Over 1,300 women gathered on the Rhema Campus to experience intimate praise and worship, uplifting messages, and powerful ministry.

Lynette Hagin started the conference with an unforgettable illustration of balloons tied around each woman’s wrist. She instructed the ladies to let go of weights that were holding them down. Every woman wrote on their balloon things in their lives that needed to be let go. At the end, as they praised God, they released their balloons together.

Denise Hagin Burns encouraged the ladies that in the storms of life, they can trust Jesus to be their calm and get them to the other side. Patsy Cameneti shared the importance of reading the Epistles and letting Jesus be our sanctifier. Lynette Estrada challenged the ladies to let their lives be a living testimony, bearing the fruit of the Spirit.

The Conference ended with great spiritual insights from Lynette Hagin as well as a divine time of Candlelight, Prayer, and Communion.

Kindle the Flame 2018 is coming September 27-29. You can keep up with us on our Kindle the Flame Facebook page

Speaker Highlights:

“Let go of your plans for your life and commit to God’s plans.” –Lynette Hagin

“You can shout your way through the storm, because He’s taking you to the other side!” –Denise Hagin Burns

“As surely as He is our righteousness, as surely as He is our wisdom, He is surely our sanctifier.” –Patsy Cameneti

“God is expecting us to bear fruit. He wants to make us a sign and a wonder.” –Lynette Estrada

“It’s a season of stretching. Embrace the stretching time!” –Lynette Hagin, Candlelight, Prayer, & Praise Service


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We look forward to seeing you there!





Women's Conference: Godly Women Fulfilling His Plan

Women's Conference, Kindle the FlameCome to Kindle the Flame September 28—30, 2017

Save Now with Early Bird Registration going on now through September 15!

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Lynette Hagin's annual Kindle the Flame Women's Conference is one-of-a-kind! Women across the globe gather together to seek God and get built up. From impacting messages to practical workshops, Kindle the Flame has it all!

Speakers this year include Lynette Hagin, Denise Hagin-Burns, Patsy Cameneti, and Lynette Estrada. These mighty women of God are thrilled to minister the Word and see lives changed!

"My goal with this conference is to help women fulfill the plan that God has given them. I want to ignite sparks of divine purpose within them so they can return to their families, jobs, and daily lives with fresh enthusiasm." –Lynette Hagin

 Find out all the details about registration and more by visiting rhema.org/ktf.

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A Vacation for the Entire Family!

Article CM 2Campmeeting – July 23-28th, 2017 

Need a vacation? Campmeeting is the best place to be refreshed and receive divine direction for your life!

Every July, Kenneth Hagin Ministries hosts this glorious 6 day event, filled with powerful praise and worship, dynamic speakers, and life-changing impartations. The morning, afternoon, and night services will leave you fueled up and ready to go!

The youth have their own special conference called Summer Blitz. This year, the youth get to enjoy services in the new youth facility! For the 1st-5th graders, Rhema Kids has its own fun-filled meetings during the morning and night services.

Campmeeting starts on Sunday, July 23, at 6:00 PM. Check out rhema.org/cm for all the details.

Also, you can share your Campmeeting photos and speaker quotes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtag, #RhemaCM. We enjoy seeing your posts!

Even if you can't join us in person, you can still be a part! Watch live at rhema.tv.
We hope to see you there!




Campmeeting 2017

Campmeeting Kenneth Hagin MinistriesKeeping Our Appointment with God 

From the very first night of Campmeeting, expectations were high and hearts were ready to receive. Rev. Kenneth W. Hagin set the tone for the week, sharing about keeping our appointment with God. When we make time for just us and God, He strengthens us and helps us be a better witness for Him when we go out into our world.

The overall theme for Campmeeting was the importance of staying with the Word of God and the move of the Spirit. Teaching was rich, and people were refreshed as each speaker flowed with the Holy Spirit.

Speaker Highlights:

"If you're going to move with the glory of God, you're going to have to do what's necessary." —Kenneth W. Hagin

"Indifference is an enemy of your faith. Just because God settled it in heaven, doesn't mean it's settled in my mind." —Charles Cowan

"The Holy Spirit is our advocate. An advocate is a person who is fighting for you." —Denise Hagin Burns

"Do you know how short your New Testament would be if Paul gave up in Acts 16?" —Craig Hagin

"Many have trouble letting God be good to us on the level he wants to be good to us." —Phillip Slaughter

"We can't just understand the Bible with our minds. We have to receive it into our hearts." —David Shearin

"Every religion offers lessons... but Jesus gives us life!" —Mark Hankins


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Mark your calendar for next year July 22-27, 2018 for Campmeeting! 




Achieve Your God-Given Potential and Increase in Every Area of Life

providedfor// Kenneth W. Hagin

God is a big God. Nothing happening in the world can stop Him from blessing His children. He does not depend upon natural circumstances in order to bless us.

Our Heavenly Father moves in the supernatural realm! He can use anything He wants to in order to bring us a financial blessing. But we must learn to praise Him instead of looking to other things as our source. God alone is our Source. And I believe if we would praise Him out of a relationship of trust, He could change our financial situations. He could make the earth yield an increase for us—no matter what is going on economically in the world.

You see, if we're not careful, we will get caught up speaking negative words that can work against us.

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