Campmeeting 50: A Celebration of Legacy


It was a celebration of 50 years of history at Campmeeting 50! Speakers ministered the Word powerfully, resulting in healings, fresh anointings, and new beginnings for many.

Campmeeting: Then and Now aired on the big screen Thursday evening. The 50-minute video contained clips of Brother Hagin from early Campmeetings through 2003 and commentary from Kenneth and Lynette Hagin and others.

From Rhema Kids to Summer Blitz to the adult services, the Spirit of God touched everyone who attended.

Mark your calendars for Campmeeting 2023—July 23-28!

Speaker Highlights

"The solutions you are looking for are in the unseen realm. Impossibilities become possibilities because of where you look." // Kenneth W. Hagin

"If you start praising God, suddenly doors that have been long shut will open just like that! Start praising God in the midst of your circumstances." // Lynette Hagin

"Some people want to live in the past. But we need to move to the future, realizing that God is not through with us yet. Your time is not over." // Craig W. Hagin

"If you lack something, find someone who's good in that area. Peter wouldn't have walked on water if he hadn't been hanging around a Water-Walker." // Mark Boer

"The greatest challenge to our faith is fear. It is designed to overwhelm your mind and emotions. Fear limits your faith." // Charles Cowan

"There's something bigger than a millionaire, billionaire, or a trillionaire—it's a dominionaire. When you know you're a dominionaire, the authority of the believer goes to another level." // Earl Glisson

"The moment you make Jesus the Lord of your life, you're in Christ. Your spirit is joined to Christ. That's how you receive everything from God." // Mark Hankins

"We have to stay full of the Spirit. How are we going to walk in power and endure when the enemy comes in like a flood? By the power of the Holy Spirit." // Darrell Huffman

"What if everything you need already exists? What if all the breaks and resources you need are already in front of you. They're just waiting for you to grab them." // Tommy Pickens III

"God's mode of operation is to speak, and it comes to pass. We who are made in His image are supposed to follow that same model. If you don't doubt or waver, you will have what you say." // Fred Price Jr.

Don't Miss a Moment!



Remain Thankful on Thanksgiving


ThanksgivingThe best Thanksgiving season is filled with words of encouragement, words of thankfulness, and words of kindness.

by Lynette Hagin

This month, the United States of America celebrates a holiday which almost no other nation observes—Thanksgiving Day. Originally, it was a time set aside by our forefathers to give thanks to God for bringing them through a critical year. Today, Thanksgiving means different things to different people. 


A Time to Celebrate

Christmas By Kenneth W. Hagin

The lights, the Christmas carols, and the handsomely wrapped gifts are all part of the sights and sounds of Christmas. But is that what Christmas is really all about?

To some, Christmas is the shepherds, the magi with their camels, and the angels singing “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14). But we must not allow the sights and sounds of the season to take away from the true meaning of Christmas!


Conquering Your Spiritual Jerichos

Kenneth W. HaginBy Kenneth W. Hagin

As you begin the new year, are you nearing the “Promised Land” of something in your life? Have you stood fast, patiently waiting for your prayers to be answered, and now you see the fruition of those prayers on the horizon? Perhaps you are near to receiving from God something you have longed for. If so, this is not the time to quit! You can press on and conquer your “Jericho” and receive all that God has in store for you.


Take a Tour of the Rhema Campus

RHEMA Campus

Ever wondered what it's like to be on the campus of Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Rhema Bible Training College? Can't make it to Tulsa to check it out for yourself firsthand? Well, now you don't have to!

Administration Bulding
Administration Building—This building is home to several ministry departments including Communications, Partner Services, Faith Library Publications, Data Processing, and Rhema Correspondence Bible School. Kenneth E. Hagin's office is also in this building and hasn't changed since he went home to be with the Lord in September 2003.

Rooker Memorial Auditorium
Rooker Memorial Auditorium (RMA)—Named after Kenneth W. Hagin's maternal grandparents, this building is large enough to accommodate the entire Rhema Bible Training College student body.

Student Development Center 1
Student Development Center 1 (SDC 1)—The afternoon sessions of Prayer and Healing School, as well as many RBTC classes, are held in this building during the school year. SDC 1 is also home to the Admissions and Recruiting departments and the office of RBTC's dean.

Student Development Center 2
Student Development Center 2 (SDC 2)—The bottom floor of this building houses classrooms for RBTC students and offices for the Alumni Department. The second floor is home to the Rhema Bible Church Varsity Youth (8th–12th grade).

RHEMA Bible Church
Rhema Bible Church (RBC)—This massive building (more than 233,000 square feet) is home to the Church Office, Student Ministries Department, RHEMA Child Development Center, Video Department, Book & Gift Store, and Music Department, along with the music studio and video production room. The Rhema Bible Church Auditorium seats 4,500 and is the hub for most Kenneth Hagin Ministries on-campus events.

Prayer and Healing Center

Prayer & Healing Center—This building houses staff offices for the Prayer & Healing Center and the auditorium where morning Healing School services are held. Trained prayer partners pray daily in this building over requests arriving by phone, email, and regular mail, and Rhema Bible Church prayer groups meet here weekly.

JV Youth Building—Adjacent to the Prayer & Healing Center, this building was renovated in 2012 and is home to the Rhema Bible Church JV Youth (5th–7th Grades).


RHEMA Library
Rhema Library—This facility houses the school's book collection and provides laboratory space for Rhema Bible Training College's third- and fourth-year School of Worship, School of World Missions, and General Extended Studies. The building also serves as a meeting place for the Rhema Rangers (program for boys) and Rhema Regals (program for girls), and is home to the Rhema Security offices.

Ninowski Recreation Center
Ninowski Recreation Center (NRC)—This building, remodeled in 2008, is home to Rhema Eagles intercollegiate athletics and intramural sports. It is also the setting for the RBTC Christmas banquet, alumni reunions, and many other social activities. It houses a regulation-sized basketball court, a volleyball court, four racquetball courts, an indoor track, a weight room, two snack bars, a roller-skating rink, two locker rooms, and the Athletic Department staff offices.

Red Nunn Warehouse and Maintenance Center
Red Nunn Warehouse and Maintenance Center—When you purchase a product from Kenneth Hagin Ministries, your order goes to our Distribution Center, located in this building Our publishing division, Faith Library Publications, prints about a million books a year and ships them all over the world. The media duplicating and campus maintenance departments are also based in this building.

Greg Smith Memorial Student Housing
Greg Smith Memorial Student Housing—Most Rhema Bible Training College students live off campus, but the 96 one- and two-bedroom on-campus apartment units are "home away from home" for some. Many residents are international students. Life at Rhema is social as well as spiritual, and living in Student Housing provides many fellowship opportunities.

Rhema Park—Located between the Ninowski Recreation Center and the Administration Building, the park offers a serene spot to relax, take a walk, or read a book. A walkway winds among the trees, and a gazebo and picnic tables provide places for leisurely lunches. During the Christmas season, the Rhema Park becomes the centerpiece of the Christmas Lights Display, which includes around two million lights.

Football and Softball Fields
Rhema Football and Softball Fields—Located on the southeast side of campus, the football and softball fields are primarily used by Rhema Bible Training College students for intramural sports. RBTC students can choose from among seven sports: flag football, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, floor hockey, and bowling.