Kindle the Flame 2022 Conference Recap

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Women from around the world gathered once again for Lynette Hagin's 22nd Kindle the Flame Conference. It was a weekend of meeting new friends, hearing powerful messages, and refocusing priorities.

The main focus of the conference was to bring women together to unite in prayer. The emphasis this year was praying for the last-day revival. During the Candlelight Prayer & Praise Service, the ladies were grouped by their age decade (20–30, 30–40, 40–50, 50–60, 70 and over) for the prayer time. Each conference speaker represented an age group and led their group in prayer for a specific area that would bring revival. The evening ended with communion and a beautiful candlelight service.

Make plans to attend Kindle the Flame 2023, September 28-30! In the meantime, enjoy these highlights.

Speaker Highlights

It is important to be content in the "here" season of your life. God has already gone before you and sees your "there" season. You don't need to be concerned about it. Just trust the Lord, and you will walk victoriously in every season. —Lynette Hagin

Your life is a journey—not a destination. In every season, there is a purpose. You don't have to look for your purpose; it is on the inside of you. Listen to the Holy Spirit for instructions. God's mercies are new every day. Our purpose changes in different seasons. Embrace the new and say yes to each new purpose. —Denise Hagin Burns

It is time to press in and grow in the Lord. To fulfill your divine destiny, you must remain faithful and receive God's instructions. It is then that God will restore to you what the enemy has stolen. —Anna Gresham

God is not only a personal God, He is also a generational God. If there is going to be multiplication, there has to be cooperation among the generations. God has always entrusted women to complete His plan. —Kaira McKinnon

Are you going in a circle? It's time to stop circling your mountain and allow God, who is the power source, to lead you victoriously through the mountain. For that to occur, you must stop, look, and listen to God. —Julia Post

Are you stressed? God desires for you to be refreshed not stressed and has prepared a way for that. He said, "Come to me, and I will give you rest. I will give you relief from the pressure and stress in the world." —Brenda Thomas



Hagin's in Nigeria

rhemanigeria2011The Hagin's were in Africa!

Check here for updates from overseas and ways you can get involved!


Amplify Tech Workshops

We are only about 1 month away from this year's Amplify conference. The schedule is being finalized and here is a sampling of some of the topics we will cover this year:

Basics of Live Sound

Live Video Production - How to plan an event.

Video Announcements

Basics of Lighting

10 keys to church tech and worship success

Introducing Creativity in Your Church

Advanced Audio and Mixing

Microphone Applications for Modern Worship 

LED Technology in Lighting

Introduction to Video Editing Software

Creating an Atmosphere with Stage Design

Audio Systems, Placement and Install Options

Basics of Moving Lights and the effective use of them

Infrastructure - The Solid AVL Foundation

Basics of After Effects

The Secrets of Successful Blogging

Video Segment Production- How to produce professional video segments from beginning to end.

Lowering Stage Volumes

Digital Recording

Stage Management

Teachers this year will include: 

Greg Hill (AVgenius.com)

Doug Gould (WorshipMD.com)

Stefan Svard, Kevin Crow, Caleb Dick and John Barrie (AVE Minneapolis)

Leonard Miller (Phillips Entertainment)

Matt Leonetti (Living Word Christian Center, Brooklyn Park, MN)

Jonathan Malm (ChurchStageDesginIdeas.com)

as well as teachers from the RHEMA Tech Team.

Don't miss it. Register your team today!


Standing Strong in Adversity

Soliders standing with hands behind their backBy Kenneth E. Hagin

Some “faith people” seem to think if you believe God, nothing bad will ever happen to you. Some have taught that if you have faith, you’re going to float through life on flowery beds of ease. However, if you live for God, sometimes you’ll have to swim upstream! Walking by faith is not always easy.


Want to Strengthen Your Marriage?

Kenneth W. and Lynette HaginBy Kenneth W. Hagin

Having a great marriage begins with how we accept, receive, and act on what is in God's Word about this holy institution. First, our personal relationship with God must be strong for our marriage relationship to be strong. To develop and maintain a godly marriage, we must develop and maintain a close relationship with God. His Word must be final authority in our lives if we are to enjoy the success He intends for us.

When people need advice in any area of life, they can turn to the Bible. What does God say about marriage? We'll start with one of the most famous couples— Adam and Eve—and learn a few lessons from their marriage.