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Prayer and Healing Center

Just as prayer is vital to the Christian's walk with God, so the activities of RHEMA's Prayer and Healing Center are important to the operation of Kenneth Hagin Ministries. The Prayer & Healing Center is centrally located on the RHEMA campus in facilities completed in 1982. From here, staff members coordinate four main prayer and healing outreaches: prayer school, healing school, prayer partners, and prayer groups.

The Lord put it on Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin's heart to start Prayer and Healing School, and the first classes were held in 1979. Rev. Hagin dealt with both prayer and healing in the same session. 

God's power and love are real. Every day we see them operating through our prayer lines and in Healing School. If you're passionate about seeing results, you'll appreciate knowing that the Prayer & Healing Center is designed to minister directly to your needs and help you gain your personal victory.

      Healing testimonies medically proven . . .
      RHEMA's Prayer & Healing Center is where faith becomes a reality. Doctors can't explain it, but they do confirm it. Here are just a few of the medically-proven healing testimonies we've received through our Healing School and prayer ministries.

     Plan your trip to Healing School . . .
      Here is information you will need to plan your trip to Healing School - Hotels, car rentals, maps, directions, and more. Come work with our team to obtain your victory.



Healing School Schedule



Morning Healing School — Currently Discontinued Until Further Notice




A Ministry of Prayer

Prayer and Healing Prayer School

* Prayer School is held during the school year Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. in SDC 1, Room 1278. All sessions are open to the public.

* The primary purpose of Prayer School is to teach RHEMA Bible Training Center students, by precept and example, how to pray. A typical session opens with worship and a teaching on prayer or a related topic, and concludes with a time of corporate or individual prayer.

* As Healing School guests, we encourage you to participate in Prayer School as well.

Prayer Partners

* Staffed by a dedicated team of volunteer prayer partners, telephone prayer lines are open weekdays from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST) at (918) 258-1588, ext. 5566.

* Call us and a prayer partner will agree with you for your needs to be met according to God's Word.

Prayer Groups

* Every day, throughout the day, groups of students, church members, and alumni meet in organized groups to pray for RHEMA and prayer requests from RHEMA's Word Partners and others. Approximately 475 volunteers are divided into 164 prayer groups, each with a specific prayer focus.

* We invite you to send us your prayer requests by E-mail or regular mail to be prayed over by one of our experienced prayer groups.


History of Prayer and Healing School


Prayer and Healing The story behind it . . .

As a teenager, Kenneth E. Hagin lay paralyzed for many months, seemingly destined to die. His heart cried out for someone to encourage him to believe that he could be healed. But the few people he asked for help only told him to prepare for death.

By the grace of God and young Kenneth's determined study of God's Word, faith finally was quickened in his heart for him to believe for his healing. On August 8, 1934, he was raised off the bed of sickness by the power of God, completely healed and made whole.

As a minister of the Gospel, Rev. Hagin long carried a dream in his heart to help those who suffered in pain and sickness the way he himself had once suffered. He wanted to provide a place where the sick could come and have faith put into them, rather than have it taken out of them through religious tradition and unbelief.

The Lord put it on Rev. Hagin's heart to start Prayer and Healing School, and the first classes were held in 1979. 

The Prayer & Healing Center is centrally located on the RHEMA campus in facilities completed in 1982. The building was beautifully renovated in 2002 and provides a peaceful environment in which people can begin to expect to receive from God. From here, staff members coordinate several prayer and healing outreaches.


Plan Your Trip

As you read about what to expect at Healing School, you may find that it is time for you to begin planning your trip to come and experience it for yourself.

We've provided some information to help you get here. Accommodations, car rental, and a local hospital list could be helpful tools in planning your trip. You may also want to look over maps to RHEMA.

Healing School is a place where faith becomes a reality. Before you come to Healing School, you may want to read some healing testimonies to encourage your faith.

The Bible says that God's Word is His medicine. Before your arrival, you can begin to take God's medicine every day by speaking aloud and meditating on healing scriptures and confessions.

We offer many healing products, including books, CDs, and DVDs to help you learn more of what the Bible says about divine healing.

At RHEMA's Prayer & Healing Center, we're dedicated to doing the works of Jesus. The Bible says that Jesus "went about doing good, and healing . . . " (Acts 10:38). We believe our job is to follow Christ's example and deliver those same good works. Come work with our team to obtain your victory!