Keith Butler

Keith ButlerBishop Keith Butler and his                wife Deborah graduated from RHEMA in 1978. They returned to Detroit,                Michigan, and pioneered Word of Faith Christian Center (WOFCC).                Sixty people attended their first Sunday service.


Gary Kruzan

Gary KruzanGary Kruzan graduated from RHEMA in 1982, and his wife Pam completed first year in 1982 as well. They are the pastors of Faith Christian Family Church in Rushville, Illinois, which they pioneered in 1987. Prior to moving to Rushville, the Kruzans pioneered churches in Kahoka, Missouri, and Nashville, North Carolina.

Gary shares, “If it were not for the teaching and training we received at RHEMA, we would never have been able to accomplish what God has called us to do.


Reggie Scarborough

Scarborough Reggie Scarborough is the founder, pastor, and president of Family Worship Center in Lakeland, Florida. After several years as a highly successful businessman, Reggie sold his businesses in 1983 and moved his family to Tulsa, Oklahoma, so he and his wife Bea could attend RHEMA.


Kate McVeigh

Kate McVeighKate McVeigh remarks, “RHEMA Bible Training Center gave me the knowledge necessary to have a successful ministry. At RHEMA, I received the foundation I needed to get started and the wisdom to continue to grow in ministry through a strong relationship with Jesus and following God’s will. RHEMA has always been an encouragement to me and to my ministry. RHEMA is a vital part of so many ministries, churches, and missions.


Ed Elliott

ElliotEd Elliott and his wife, Laurie, founders of Word of Life World Outreach, have been serving as missionary evangelists to Southern and Central Africa since Ed graduated from RHEMA in 1984. Their ministry focuses on evangelizing in hard-to-reach areas where there has been little or no missionary activity. The Elliotts travel to remote villages in various African countries to hold open-air crusades and establish local churches.