Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions



When does school begin?
The school term begins in September and ends in May. First-year registration takes place on the Tuesday after Labor Day. Students enroll in September only; it is not possible to enroll at midterm. One should not plan to attend Rhema while attempting to engage in a ministry or missions activity while attending Rhema classes.

Do you transfer credits from other schools?
We recognize that there are other institutions that students may have attended before coming to Rhema and that they may have received valuable teaching. Our system is not structured as such that students are able to take only a certain part of the curriculum. We also believe that the two (or three) years that students set apart to study the Word of God is a valuable part of the training we offer.

Do you give credit for life/ministry experience?
We believe that it is important for every Rhema Bible Training College student, regardless of their background, to receive the same solid foundation through the teaching of the Word here, therefore we do not give incoming students credit from other schools or organizations, or for “life or ministry experience.”

When is the deadline for Applications?
Applications from US Citizens for the upcoming school year are received until August 15th. The International Application Deadline is July 1st. We strictly adhere to the earlier International Application deadline due to then need for students to obtain visas in order to come for school.

When is Rhema College Weekend?
RCW takes place every year in April. Please check our web site for the latest information on dates, times, costs and other questions, at: www.rhema.org/rcw

Does Rhema accept prisoners who have been recently released?

We recommend that individuals wait a year to apply after being released in order to give them opportunity to make that transition and to get involved with a local church. If you are currently on probation, any kind of acceptance would be conditional of a successful transfer of your probation to Oklahoma.

Does Rhema have a correspondence school?

Kenneth Hagin Ministries does have a Correspondence School available. The Rhema Correspondence School is totally separate from Rhema Bible Training College. RBTC is an intensive on-campus school designed to train individuals for full-time ministry. The Correspondence School is a home-study course designed for the layperson who desires to strengthen their foundation in God’s Word.

How can I get help finding a job?
Once applicants have been accepted, job and housing resource links are included with every acceptance letter. We also have a job/housing bulletin board on campus that accepted students are able to access in order to view the posted information.

Are there jobs available at the school?
There is a job line available that you can call to see what positions are currently posted. It is a recorded message but it also gives direction about how to request an application for employment. The phone number to hear this information is (918)258-1588 ex. 92129.

How can I post a job opportunity for students?
In order to have a job posted here it must go through an approval process. Once approved the job opportunity will be posted for 30 days in our job room before it is removed. It can be extended by calling our office before its expiration and requesting an extension. Your information can be submitted to us in the form of a flyer via fax, email, mail, or in person; or you may call in the information and we can fill out an information card for you. Please provide the following information regarding the employment opportunity:

1) Name of Company
2) Address
3) Part-time or Full-time
4) Salary
5) Description of duties
6) Number of openings available
7) Contact Person
8) Current phone number

Send information to:
Rhema Bible Training College
PO BOX 50126
Tulsa, OK 74150-0126
Phone: 918.258.1588 ext. 2260
Email: rbtc@rhema.org
Fax: 918.251.0685

Can I be licensed or ordained with Rhema?
In order to apply for licensing and ordination through the Rhema Ministerial Association International (RMAI),
you must be a graduate of Rhema Bible Training College. It is required that you were actively involved in Rhema
Bible Church during your two years of school. Licensing and Ordination is done through the local church (not
the Training College), and it is important that there has been an accountability and working relationship with an
individual in order to properly evaluate their qualifications for such an association.

Do you offer tours of the campus?
Tours are available Monday through Friday and are usually scheduled at 1:30PM (by appointment). You may call
ahead to 918.258.1588 ext. 2260 to schedule a tour.

Does Rhema accept VA benefits or the GI Bill?
RBTC does qualify for VA benefits. You will need to check with the VA to see if you are eligible for benefits and fill out their applications before attending RHEMA Bible Training Center. You may contact the VA by phone: Educational Toll-Free #1-888-442-4551, for Other Benefits Information #1-800-827-1000. You may also visit their website: www.gibill.va.gov . It will take the VA at least 30 days to process your information to see if you are eligible. You need to be aware that you will be responsible for tuition payments until your benefits kick in once school starts. We do not participate in the Advance Pay program, so it would be beneficial to have $1,000 due at registration and at least 2 months tuition. For more information on RBTC’s requirements, and the VA’s requirements click here.                        

I have been in the full-time ministry for a number of years. Can I skip the first year?

No. Regardless of your experience, you are required to complete the first-year program before enrolling in the second-year program.

I didn't finish high school. Does that mean I couldn't be accepted as a student at Rhema?

If you did not finish high school, you must have a GED or be 21 years old to be accepted as a student at Rhema.

What if I cannot complete two years consecutively?
If you are unable to attend RHEMA two years consecutively, you may return at a later time and complete the second-year program. Diplomas are awarded only after completion of two years of study.

Should I move to Tulsa before I receive my acceptance letter?
No. Submitting an application does not ensure acceptance to RHEMA. You are urged not to make plans to move to this area until you receive an official letter of acceptance.

I just mailed my application. When will I know whether or not I've been accepted?
We normally process applications within 30 days after all required information has been received (application, plus 3 reference forms). This holds true unless additional information is required.

Does Rhema have student housing?
Yes, but we have only 96 units available, which is a small number in proportion to the need. Residence is restricted to Rhema students and their immediate families. After a letter of acceptance has been received by a student, an application may be submitted for RHEMA Student Housing. Housing units will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Submitting an application does not guarantee residence.





How do I get there from Here?

Transitioning to a new city for school can be a challenge, but               we want to do our best to help. Below you will find some links               and               resources that we hope will make that transition go more smoothly               for you. Whether you are single and looking for your first apartment,               or moving to Oklahoma with your family - this page is a great               place to start planning your move! Be sure and check back for new               additions.



               For housing and/or employment opportunities, you may wish to subscribe                to a local newspaper:
               Tulsa World
               318 S. Main Street
               Tulsa, OK 74103
               (918) 583-2161
               Broken Arrow Daily Ledger
               110 W. Kenosha St.
               Broken Arrow, OK 74012
               (918) 358-7171
               Or you may wish to contact the following:
               Tulsa Chamber of Commerce
               616 S. Boston
               Suite 100
               Tulsa, OK 74119-1298
               (918) 585-1201
               Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce
               123 N. Main Street
               Broken Arrow, OK 74012
               (918) 252-1518
               Information about Tulsa and Broken Arrow Schools may be obtained                by calling the numbers listed below:
               Broken Arrow Public Schools
               Administrative Enrollment Center
               601 S. Main Street
               Broken Arrow, OK 74012
               (918) 259-4300
               Tulsa Public Schools Education Center

               3027 S. New Haven
               Tulsa, OK 74114
               (918) 746-6800
               Union Public Schools
               Administrative Center
               5656 S. 129th E. Ave.
               Tulsa, OK 74134
               (918) 459-5432
               RHEMA operates a daycare center on Rhema Bible Church campus. For                more information, contact:
               RHEMA Child Development Center

               1025 W. Kenosha
               Broken Arrow, OK 74012
               (918) 258-0594