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About RHEMA for Today

About RHEMA for Today

Previously known as Faith Seminar of the AirRHEMA for Today is Kenneth Hagin Ministry’s radio program, which was first broadcast on station KSKY in Dallas, Texas, on November 14, 1966. Today, it airs on nearly 150 stations, and daily installments can be accessed worldwide through our Web site. In a letter to his partners shortly after that historic first broadcast, Kenneth E. Hagin described the purpose of the radio outreach as a way to help Christians “grow in faith and in the knowledge of the Word of God."

The newer version of the program, which first aired on May 1, 2005, is maintaining that same purpose. Although the show has a new name, RHEMA for Today continues to broadcast both Brother Hagin’s timeless teachings and the faith-filled messages of Kenneth W. and Lynette Hagin. But as the name suggests, the program also offers a variety of new features designed to give you, the listener, your "RHEMA for today”—that is, a word from God to inspire and encourage you as you go about your daily life.

Building on the foundation of faith and love laid down over the years by Brother Hagin, Kenneth and Lynette Hagin desire to encourage and motivate to put these biblical truths into action every day. “We’re continuing to keep that foundation before [people], but we’re taking them to the next step of motivating them to do it,” Rev. Hagin said. “And taking believers to the next step includes taking RHEMA’s radio program to the next level too.”

Just what is new about “RHEMA for Today”?

First, the program now begins and ends with a personal word from Ken and Lynette Hagin. They view this personal greeting as a chance to do on radio what they’re already doing on television and in person—encouraging believers to walk in the victory available to them in Christ. The new format allows the Hagins to share with you inspirational testimonies and practical applications for biblical truths taught on the day’s broadcast. They will also offer updates about the various events and outreaches of Kenneth Hagin Ministries, keeping you current on the latest news and letting you know how you can participate.

In addition to classic teachings by Brother Hagin and Kenneth W. Hagin, RHEMA for Today will also air recent messages by Lynette Hagin. The program will occasionally run live interviews of special guests, as well as clips from messages delivered by guest speakers at Campmeeting, Kindle the Flame, A Call to Arms, and other Kenneth Hagin Ministries events. (Guest ministers at past events have included Patsy Cameneti, Kate McVeigh, Charles Cowan, Keith Butler, and many others).

As a listener to RHEMA for Today, you can also take advantage of special product offers, including the newest Faith Library products, as well as never-before-released packages available only to the radio audience.

Above all, the changes to RHEMA’s radio program are an outgrowth of the Hagins’ continuing desire to reach people like you with the message of hope, help, and healing through Jesus Christ. “We are here to help you,” Mrs. Lynette said, “to teach you, [and] to help you get to the other side!”

So tune in to RHEMA for TodayClick here to find a station near you that carries the program.



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