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RayV Viewer Troubleshooting

1. What are your options for Internet connectivity?

There are three options for Internet connectivity:

  • 1. Direct IP connectivity. The viewer should have a public IP address provided by the local ISP. This address should be reachable from anywhere in the Internet.
  • 2. Residential NAT router. The viewer should be connected to a residential router performing NAT, and connected to an ISP.
  • 3. Firewall/NAT. If the viewer is connected to a private network using a private IP address, the firewall/router should provide static NAT for the broadcaster. The following is required:
    • a) Allow outbound TCP traffic to port 25793.
    • b) Statically map the following UDP ports on the broadcaster to ports on the Firewall public IP address: 22556 & 22557.

2. The RayV Window Stays in ‘Connecting…’ State, or Black screen is showing

The viewer is unable to connect to the RayV server. This problem might appear in a corporate environment. The Viewer is trying to connect to RayV server using TCP port 25793 but the port is blocked by the firewall.

Try to use port 80 instead. In the RayV taskbar, click on Help and Settings -> Other Settings -> Connect using port 80.

3. The RayV window stays in the Buffering state

The RayV Viewer is unable to retrieve video from the RayV network. This problem might appear in a corporate environment. The RayV Viewer is trying to retrieve video/audio data from the RayV network using a pair of UDP ports in the range of 22556 to 22575. The network administrator can statically map the following UDP ports on the firewall public side: 22556 & 22557. Please refer to the Internet connectivity section.

4. The picture is distorted or no picture appears

The RayV Viewer is unable to use the graphic card acceleration feature. This may happen with old graphic card drivers. To solve this, perform the following actions:

  • Disable Video Hardware Acceleration. The application will use software acceleration instead. Note that in this mode, the CPU consumption is much higher. Use this feature only if required.
  • Try to update the graphic card driver to the most recent version.

5. Video quality has decreased

Computer performance probably does not meet the minimum requirements; the CPU is too slow or has insufficient memory. Please refer to our minimum hardware requirements

Chances are that your computer does not have enough bandwidth available for the Viewer. You need a broadband connection with at least 1Mbps download bandwidth.

You can also try to:

  • Close other applications that consume bandwidth such as file sharing applications, large file downloading, etc.
  • Verify that anyone else who may be sharing the same Internet connection is not running these applications.
  • Update graphic card drivers. Make sure that the most recent native graphics drivers are being used.

6. The RayV window doesn’t load, the RayV Control is not properly installed. You are asked to run the installation repeatedly.

There are several possible solutions for this problem:

  • You should acknowledge the browser prompt for an active content display.
  • The RayV ActiveX control might be disabled by the Internet Explorer. Go to Internet Options -> Programs -> Manage Add-ons and make sure that the RayVactiveX control is enabled.
  • The browser security level may be blocking active content - verify the browser security level is set to Medium.
  • Your browser may be incompatible – RayV works on IE 6.0 or higher (for Windows), Firefox 2.0 or higher (for Windows), and Safari 3.0 or higher (for Mac).
  • Your operating system may be incompatible – your operating system should be:
    • Microsoft® Windows® Vista series
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP series
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional with Service Pack 2
    • Microsoft® Windows® XP home edition with Service Pack 2
    • Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or higher)

7. The RayV window freezes , the RayV taskbar icon is not responding

You should terminate the RayV client through the Windows Task Manager. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del or by right-clicking on the Windows taskbar and choosing Task Manager.

Open the Processes tab, select “RayV.exe” from the list of processes and choose “End Process.”

If you haven’t found the solution to your problem, please contact RayV.

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